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List of Selenium Demo Websites for Practice

In this post I’m going to share links of some demo websites/pages which Selenium beginners can use for practice purpose. Here is the list of demo websites:

1. AUtoMation Practice form
This form contains all the important form elements which we come across daily like text box, radio button, check box, select dropdown, multi-select box, button, links, File Upload, Download link. So, this form should be the first thing to automate for a beginner. Link URL:

2.Practice Web table
This webpage contains a table data. You can practice here Selenium commands to read table data. Link Url -

3.PRACTICE WindowS / Alerts
This webpage contains buttons/ links which produces new web windows, javascripts alerts etc. You can practice selenium commands to handle windows/alerts on this page

4. HTTP://AUTOMATIONPRACTICE.COM/ It’s a full featured e-commerce website simulator and my favorite. Here you can…

How To Take Partial Screenshot in Selenium Webdriver

Folks, sometimes we don't want to take screenshot of the full screen and inspite of the particular element due to some reasons. Reasons might be, full size images would last in huge memory storage for image directory or sometimes we need to take element specific screenshot due to test case requirement which makes more sense.

Sharing Webdriver's code snippet for taking partial screenshot below:

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Set dependency among test methods in Selenium Webdriver using TestNG

TestNG provides a way to manage method dependencies with annotation parameters. For this testNg provides 'DependsOnMethods' parameter for @Test annotation. If you have declared dependency of one method on second, then first of all second method will be executed and then after first method.  Below is the code snippet:

In above code, method SignIn() is dependent on OpenBrowser() and method LogOut() is dependent on SingIn and OpenBrowser methods. 
Below is the execution sequence of above code snippet: 1. OpenBrowser 2. SignIn 3. LogOut.
Output: This will execute first (Open Browser) This will execute second (SignIn) This will execute third (Log Out)
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List of all Selenium Webdriver commands

This post covers all the Selenium Webdriver commands with their syntax for Selenium with Java. You can find the all the commands below:

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