Future of Selenium Automation testing as a career option

Future of Automation testing is bright and automation professionals would be on a joy ride!

Hey I didn’t say Selenium Automation professionals, so don’t skip this post in middle and miss out the complete information. Let me make you understand one thing, Selenium Automation alone won’t make you a complete Automation Tester. There are lots of reasons for it, One big thing is Selenium can only be used for Web Functional testing that’s it.

But when you talk about automation testing of a software the list is quite big.,
  • you might need to execute database test cases
  • you might need to take care of backend testing scenarios (console based testing)
  • API testing
  • User Interface testing
  • automate the execution process of automated test cases when the new build is deployed (comes under Devops)
  • Performance testing
  • Mobile Platform testing
  • Security testing
and so on. I might have missed some points.
So now tell how would you automate all these things?
You can’t automate above listed cases using selenium. It won’t help.
Still I would say for Automating Web functional test cases, Selenium Webdriver is the most reliable and most popular tool.

So, I can say “Big Yes” to Selenium Webdriver for including it in your skills.And it would definitely Boost Your Career.
Selenium should be the first step towards being a Complete Automation Expert.
Reason why I am saying this is, I don’t foresee any other web automation tool in market that can replace Selenium for next 10 years.

My suggestion is to go for Selenium first and become expert in it. And later learn to automate above listed scenarios like Database automation, linux backend automation, API automation, Devops, Performance automation. So to become a comlete automation tester you would have all the skills.
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