Intermediate Level - Selenium Automation Interview Questions 1

Selenium Automation Interview Questions for 1+ years of experience.

- How different types of locators and which one is the fastest one
- write some of the xpath  using css selector locators
- how to handle the radio check box in selenium
- how to handle the dynamic elements in selenium
- how to upload a file in selenium
- what is the difference between actions and action in selenium
- how to insert the text in text field using JavaScript not using selenium
- how to scroll the page to bottom and some part of page using JavaScript in selenium
- how to handle web based pop-up
- how to handle window based pop-up
- how to handle the alerts in selenium
- How to handle frames in  selenium
- How to select a item From the drop down in selenium
- how to lunch browser and driver in selenium
- Difference between the findelement and findelements in selenium
- how to check the radio ande checked buttono are selected.
- how to double click and right click in Selenium
- what are the mouse snd keyboard events
- How to hover on a web element
- how to drag and drop a element in selenium
- How to get all the links strings on a webpage in selenium
- How to handle multiple windows in selenium
- what are the navigation method used in selenium

You can answer the questions in comments to help others. We will showcase the best answers on our website with user's name.

For list of  Selenium tutorials click here: Selenium Webdriver Tutorials Series

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