What's Next After being a Proficient Automation QA?

If you are an automation QA and started noticing that you are repeating the same activities again and again. So, after a while, you start asking yourself – What is next?

There are many directions that you can take to evolve and expand your career path.

1. Become A Test Automation Trainer - You are a great candidate for becoming a trainer and helping others do what you do.
2. Diversify the Type of Test Automation - Start looking into mobile automation, Performance testing, security testing, etc. - Think on how the automation framework can be made more scalable and dockerised. - Get hold on different programming languages and build a habit of writing effective code.
3. Do More Development - QA can bring value by creating some innovative applications to automate day to day tasks. - Participate in writing Junit test cases.
4. DevOps - Jump from QA to DevOps, start looking in designing and setup CI/CD solutions.
5. Learning new technologies - Learn new software testing technologies, acquire new skills, competencies and start using it in your project. Being an Automation QA does not have to be a career end for anyone. It can also be the starting point of a brand new career!

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