Features and Future of Selenium Webdriver

Features of Selenium Webdriver:

1. Opensource/Freeware: Selenium is free of cost. It means you do not have to buy any license like other softwares or do not have to pay to anyone for using Selenium for automation testing.
2. Web Functional Framework: Selenium can only be used for automation testing of web applications/website. It is a functional testing tool so we can only automate functional test cases.
3. Multi-Language Support: It is one of the major benefits of Webdriver. Selenium Webdriver supports many languages like Java, Python, PHP, C#, Ruby, Perl etc. So, it provides the flexibility to automation test engineers to automate test cases using any one language that they are comfortable.
4. Cross OS Support: Selenium supports multiple OS like, Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac. So if you have written webdriver automation code using windows platform, then same automation code could be used on other OS platforms like Unix, Linux, Mac.
5. Cross-Browser Compatibility Testing: Selenium Webdriver supports almost every browser like Chrome, FF, Safari, Opera, IE and their versions. You can execute same automation scripts on different browsers for compatibility testing.

6. Cross Device Testing: Appium, which is a mobile automation tool is actually build on the top of Selenium Webdriver apis. In simple words Appium is another form of Webdriver to  e used for automation testing of mobile  applications.
7. Huge Community Support: There is a huge community support for Selenium. A lot of tech professionals are contributing in building Selenium as the best automation tool.
8. Integrated with Multiple Frameworks/Tools: Selenium Webdriver can be integrated with various frameworks and tools like, Maven, Ant for compiling source code, with unit testing frameworks like TestNG for application testing and reporting and with Jenkins for Continuous Integration or Continuous Delivery, automated build and deployment.
9. Integration Support with other Automation Tools: It also gives the flexibility to integrate Java or Python modules, other automation tools like Sikuli, AutoIT for your automation needs.

2. Future of Selenium Automation Testing is bright and automation professionals would be on a joy ride in the coming time!

Selenium is obviously the best and most famous web automation tool. And Appium is also there which is made using Selenium api and covers the mobile automation space. So, if you are a Selenium expert then definitely your professional career is bright. I am going to prove this in the next section of my post.

We are living a facncy internet age.
We are living in an internet age.  It's a world of fancy web space. Every company/business whether small or large want to have a lively Gui or mobile interface, so that their presence can be felt over internet and they can do a good business. We are interacting with a lot of web and mobile interfaces everyday whether it is e-commerce platform or payments app, grocery app, insurance etc. Everything is on web or at mobile platform. So, here is the area where automation testing is a must to have thing. No need to say, a lot of Selenium professionals are required to maintain  the quality of all these platforms.

That's why, A “Big Yes” to include Selenium Webdriver in your skills list. And it would definitely Boost Your Career. Selenium could be the first step towards being a Complete Automation Expert.

Selenium is the talk of the town nowadays and also the future is bright.
I don’t foresee any other web automation tool in market that can replace Selenium for next 10 years. Reason being almost every company is using Selenium due it’s robust and flexible nature. Huge open source community is behind Selenium and they are updating and upgrading Selenium time to time. If you do googling then you would come to know Selenium conferences are going on in all parts of the world whole of the year. Now Selenium 4 is about to launch with brand new features.

Do a simple activity, search on any job portal with keyword “selenium jobs”. You will find the answer yourself.

Happy Learning!

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