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Mobile App Testing with Emulators - A Complete Guide

What is an Emulator? An Emulator is an application that emulates real mobile device software, hardware, and operating systems, allowing us to test and debug our application. It is generally provided by the device manufacturer. Mobile emulators are free and provided as a part of SDK with each new OS release. As a developer or a tester, you can configure the emulator to closely resemble the devices on which you plan to deploy your application. The emulator window consists of a device screen on the left and phone controls/keyboard on the right. The device screen initially displays ‘ANDROID‘, and then displays the graphical logo, while the Android platform associated with the AVD is initializing. What is AVD Manager? AVD Manager is a tool to create and manage Android Virtual Devices(AVDs), which define device configuration for the Android Emulator. Before you can actually run an emulator, you need to install the Android SDK on your machine and define an AVD, which defines the ha

11 INTERVIEW blunders: That is why so many good people don't get HIRED

This is why so many good people don't get HIRED. To start: Candidates do not get paid for their time. Interviewers do. It is considered OK to waste candidate’s time, but it is not. Interviewers come to interviews unprepared and read resumes in front of candidates. They do not explain what the job is about, what it is like working there, advantages and potentials. They ask questions like “where do you yourself in 5 years”. Instead they should explain where they see their company in 6 months. The process takes too long, too many interviewers, too many rounds of interviews. Interviewers ask the same questions over and over again, making interviews look like interrogation. Consider paying travel expenses. It is not OK to be generous with someone else's money. They are looking for MiniMes. Do not hire people to work for you. Hire people to work with, people you can learn from, and eager to learn from you. They try to find only faults in candidates. Nobody is p

Some basic Python Optimizations

WARNING! For CPython, if you want performance you should prefer algorithmic optimizations (i.e. find better algorithms for what you're doing) or, if that's not possible, rewrite parts of your code in Cython. You should generally aim for readability, and avoid micro-optimizations - except in cases where it's the same, like comprehension expressions: they are both more readable  and  faster (special-cased, emit less instructions than loops because there's no possibility of  break ,  continue  or  return  -  compile.c , Ctrl+F, "List and set comprehensions"). You should always profile your application before optimizing, and you should profile with real (or realistic) data and in an as complete state as possible - concentrate on optimizing stuff that  actually  matters, not stuff you  think  matters. You have been warned. On to the fun part. >>> from dis import dis >>> def fn ( a ): b = a >>> dis ( fn ) 2