Performance Testing with Apache JMeter Tutorial

Performance testing is crucial to determine that the web application under test will satisfy high load requirements. It can be used to analyze overall site performance under heavy load. Performance testing can be executed with the help of JMeter , since it offers following benefits: JMeter can be  used to test performance of both static resources such as JavaScript and HTML, as well as dynamic resources, such as JSP, Servlets, and AJAX JMeter can discover maximum number of concurrent users that your website can handle JMeter provides a variety of graphical analyses of performance reports Configure Performance Testing Environment for a website on JMeter Following are the steps carried out in performance testing: Test Plan Setup Test Plan is where overall settings for test is specified. It can be viewed as a container for running tests. It provides a framework in which it will execute a sequence of operations or tools to perform the testing. Give name for the Test plan.

Postman Tutorial for REST API Testing

1. REST API Testing using Postman Reliable API calls are critical to any decoupled application. Whether it a simple configuration change to an entity or updating the Drupal core, both of them can alter the API response and lead to application-breaking changes on the front-end. An API test suite can watch out for these API breaking changes by running a slew of tests against your endpoint. And when you need to create an API test suite, Postman delivers. 1.1. Why Postman tool? Postman is a simple GUI for sending HTTP requests and viewing responses. It is built upon an extensive set of power tools, which are incredibly easy to use. Postman helps you perform a variety of functions ranging from Organizing requests into collection and folders, Sharing common values across requests with environment variables, Scripting tests with the built-in node.js based runtime, And at last, automating it all using Postman’s very own CLI — Newman. 1.2. Install native Postman Application Pos

50+ Most Important Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions and Answers

This Selenium Interview questions post will definitely help you prepare for Selenium automation interview and brush up your selenium skills easily.  You can find Selenium interview questions and answers and also Selenium Java interview questions from Experienced to beginners on this post. Selenium interview questions are divided into different topics for sake of ease. Table of Contents 1. Selenium WebDriver Commands Interview Questions 2. Actions Class Interview Questions 3. Selenium Locators Interview Questions 4. Windows and Frame Handling Interview Questions 5. TestNG Interview Questions 6. Advanced Selenium Interview Questions 7. OOPS, Selenium Automation Framework and Project related Interview Questions Selenium Video Tutorials Playlist ( YouTube) 1. Selenium WebDriver Commands Interview Questions Q1 - What is the syntax to launch browser in Selenium WebDriver? We can launch browser by creating an object of WebDriver interface and initialize it with some browser class like