Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Create Virtual VISA Creditcard

This will be the best solution for anyone who wants to create virtual credit card and buy products from online. People who doesn't have credit card dont bother and just follow the procedure.

Click here to create virtual credit card :

Sign-Up for bancore account fill the complete and original details of you. At the end you will recieve a PIN number. Enter that PIN number, And your done bancore will create a virtual credit card with CVV without any balance.

Some online services only about your credit card details. At that moments it will really helpful for you. If you want to buy anything from web you just fill up your credit card with amount.

No need to worry to create it is completely safe and secure, Bancore is working in association with VISA.

Company Information :

Bancore was Denmark based company founded in 2005. Bancore is one of the leading and best company which is offering mobile payment. The issuer of all Bancore® Virtual MasterCards® are provided by TPL.

Other Bancore Services :

Money Transfer From Mobile To Mobile

Bill Payments

International Prepaid Airtime

Virtual Calling Card

Go and create your mobile bank account. All you need is mobile phone, it will work anywhere in the world.
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WordPrees Recommended Plugins

Here is the list and description of most recommended plugins to run WordPress successfully. These plugins are just my best, you can find better plugins. This article will cover information about all must have plugins details from SEO to backup your WordPress.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Turn Off Music Player Automatically While You Sleep

Previously we all have a problem with listening music while travelling. Generally we fell into sleep without turnoff music player, And it causes to decrease battery level. Now a days everyone using smartphones and it is no longer problem. We can customize your music player turn off options with Application and it will save your battery consumption..

Music Off -Free music Timer Application Features :

Music Off application works with your phone accelerometer to monitor your body signals if you are on sleep. It will automatically decrease your volume level sequentially, and turn off your music player.Dont worry Music Off will reset your volume, No need increase your volume again.

You can have two methods to set Music Off application to work.

1) Auto Music Off Mode : It will turn off automatically music player without your permission while you fell into sleep.

2) Timer Mode : You can set timer to turn off player.

As of now Music Off is only available for Android users. There are so many application but it works fine.

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Free FaceBook Access For Docomo Users

India's sixth largest mobile network company TATA DoCoMo now targeting Indian youth with special offers, Now DoCoMo giving free FaceBook acces to every DoCoMo user by calling to DoCoMo centre.

How To Activate Free FaceBook Access :

Call to *325*20#  Then you will get one message "Welcome to Facebook by fonetwish. Your request has been accepted. We will shortly send you a Menu."

But you should have minimum balance to access Facebook.
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Saturday, 22 March 2014

How To Search Big Size Mails And Save Your FreeSpace

This article will teach how to find search big size mails in your Gmail. If you want save your free space this will be the best method sort out your issue. Generally Google doesn't have any support to find mails by size, But we can do it by using Microsoft Out Look with IMAP technology. But this far easier than any other and more secure.

Go to FindBigMail.Com

Enter your required Gmail id to scan. It will scan entire Inbox show the results in labels by sizes. As shown in the below picture.

Now you can find all your big mails and delete what ever you want and save free space. Twitter, Engadget, Labnol (Digital Inspiration), Groupon, Buzzfeed and so many big comapnies using this FindBigMail.

How FindBigMail Works :

It is completely reliable and secure. FindBigMail never see your passwords and it only read your Inbox and sizes of your mails.You can remove and uninstall FindBigMail Here : Instructions To Uninstall

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Thursday, 20 March 2014

How To Hack WEP Wireless And Tips To Secure

In this video tutorial we are presenting how to hack a WEP(Wired Equivalent Privacy) wireless connection and some tips to secure your wireless connections.This tutorial is intended to test your own wireless connection, Dont test or hack any other wireless systems if that not yours. Thank you.

Your system requirements and procedure watch and learn in this video.

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Activate And Deactivate Your Wi-Fi Automatically To Save Battery

Smartphone users always forget to disable Wi-Fi network while they are out of coverage area. So battery battery consumption will be high and your battery level will be getting down while using Wi-Fi. With this application your smartphone will automatically turn on and turn off while you are nearer to location of your known WI-Fi networks.

How Wi-Fi Matic will work :

Wi-Fi matic will mainly to help in disable and enable your Wi-Fi, When you are at your recommended networks such as Home, Office. It automatically turn on when your wi-fi signal is high, If you are out wi-fi signals it will disable with out any operations.

First the first you have add your known wi-fi networks to phone normally with your Wi-Fi settings. Wi-Fi matic wont show any passwords of Wi-Fi networks.With Wi-Fi matic you can schedule your Wi-Fi to activate and deactivate timings.

After some training on your Wi-Fi matic, It will work efficiently and  your battery run more time. As of now Wi-Fi matic is supporting for only android users. You can download it from Playstore.

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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

SEO Tips On Maintain Content On Site

Search engines need content, May be you have worlds best widget site probably you dont rank well.
using flash pdf docs substitute of text cant find search engines your content. text in HTML is the best way to make more traffic for your site.

The first and best way to improve your site ranking is use better keywords. Always use <h1> tags for your article headings, Which means this article is important and browser will know. use h1 in Primary level headings, and h2 and h3 for low level headings.

Note : Never spin keywords in your article. search engine finds you as spammer. Only one important thing is "KEY WORDS".
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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Short Description About Magic Lantern (FirmWare)

This article mainly to tell you about Magic Lantern firmware. Specially this Magic Lantern add-on will only work on Canon cameras. It was developed by Trammell Hudson in 2009.

Uses Of Magic Lantern :

 It is third party add-on to Canon, but works very efficiently.  Only some important models only support Magic Lantern. Magic Lantern will help to improve and enhance usability of your Canon DSLR.

Main Features Include :

Audio Controls
Exposure Controls
Image Overlays
Movie Hacks
Shoot Features
Focus Tools
Display Tweaks
Misc. Preferences
In-Camera Help

We can install Magic Lantern on Memory Card. Now installing Magic Lantern on memory cards became hard procedure. Installation & User guide about Magic Lantern : CLICK HERE To see.
Magic Lantern supported Canon models list

  • 5D Mark ii 2.1.2
  • 50D 1.0.9
  • 60D 1.1.1
  • 500D 1.1.1
  • 550D 1.0.9
  • 600D 1.0.2

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Idea Cellular Launches Budget Friendly Smartphones

India's one of the leading gaint in mobile network, Idea Cellular launching two new budget friendly smartphones to all range of people across India. Ultra II and Id 1000 both phones available with 3G technology to the users.

Ultra II is 5.5 Inch big screen screen with 1.3GHZ Quad-Core processor.
 Primary Camera 8MP and Rear Camera 2MP.
Android OS version 4.2 Jelly Bean

Ultra II Price 12,500/-

Id 1000 is 3.5 Inch screen with 1GHZ dual-core processor.
Primary camera 2MP.
Android version 4.2 Jelly bean.

Id 1000 Price 5,400/-

Idea cellular marketing manager said that "These budget smartphone only available in AndhraPradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra, Goa, Madhyapradesh, Haryana and Uttarapradesh".

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Uninor Unlimited Packges For Facebook And WhatsApp

Uninor is Indian mobile network company and subsidiary of Telewings. Uninor now targeting most of the youth with their new strategy of Internet packages.

Recently Uninor launched 'Sabse Sasta Facebook' and 'Sabse Sata WhatsApp' plans. Which allows you to get internet package only for using Facebook and WhatsApp. If you want Facebook & WhatsApp for one day you have to pay 1Rupee

Facebook And WhatsApp For One Week  ---- 5Rupees
For  One Month                                         ---- 15Rupees
Uninor offering one day to one month plans to use unlimited Facebook and WhatsApp. Uninor and Facebook India working on this. As of now these two offers only available for Gujarat, Goa and Maharashtra users only as Uninor had more subscribers and every 2 in 4 persons activated Uninor internet plan.

If this strategy works, Uninor thought to explore to all over India with new plans. 

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