Monday, 19 May 2014

Play Flappy Brid Online

Play most addicted and wonderful and controversial game online. Flappy Bird is a game that shacked all users of iPhone and Android users for while. Creator of Flappy Bird recently removed from Apple and Play Store market as it is very addictive and he realized that, This is going so viral, So he didn't want to addict more with that game. He mentioned that nearly he earned daily around  $50K for that game. Already installed users also sold their phones for high prices because it has Flappy Bird game.

Now so many kind of games came but not attracted well. Here im ebedding Flappy Bird game so that you can play online. Have fun and Enjoy.

Use Space Button To Play Game......

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WordPrees Recommended Plugins

Here is the list and description of most recommended plugins to run WordPress successfully. These plugins are just my best, you can find better plugins. This article will cover information about all must have plugins details from SEO to backup your WordPress.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Android Wi-Fi Analyzer

Turn your Android smartphone into Wi-Fi- analyzer for your surrounding networks. Wi-Fi analyzer is Android application which you can download from Play Store. It is just 1Mb file but work more efficiently. You can find you Wi-Fi signal strength as well as your neighbors.  It will helps you to know lot more things about surrounding networks.

Download : Click Here

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Add Effects To Facebook Photos Without Photoshop

If you are not master of Photoshop or any photo editing tools, No need to worry you can edit and add effects apply filters right from Facebook. You can edit any photo on Facebook and download it. Photon - Facebook Photo Editor which is a chrome extension tool.

Install Photon - Facebook Photo Editor from chrome store.

Must restart your browser before using this tool.

Open Facebook  and edit any photo, Which you can able see and download it.

Watch this video for complete procedure.

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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Samsung Gear 2 Complete Review..

Samsung recently launched their new product Gear 2. Samsung Gear 2 is coming with amazing Specs and features.

Specifications :
  • 1.63” Super AMOLED
  • 2.0 MP Auto Focus
  • Metal Body
  •  Dust and Water Resistant
  • Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Heart Rate Sensor
  • Typical Usage 3 days, Low Usage up to 5 days
Features :
  • Chargeable Straps
  • Customizable Themes
  • Seamless Communication
  • Everyday Captures
  • Personalized Fitness Manager
  • Enjoy The Music
  • Use As Remote For Tv And Setup Boxes
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Friday, 9 May 2014

Know Your PAN Number Online

Now its very easy to get your PAN number from online, With just your date of birth and complete name details. This will very useful, If you dont have PAN card with you.

 Get Your PAN Number  : CLICK HERE 

First enter you Date Of Birth as it is in your certificates.

Then enter your surname and first name. Generally we dont have to fill the Middle name, If you have any middle name you just complete it also.

After filling your details enter that Captcha code and click on submit. There you get all the details of your PAN. You can see that your PAN is active or not.

This is the simple easy way to get your PAN number if it is a needy situation.

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Saturday, 3 May 2014

How To Change VLC Player Skins

 If you are bored of using VLC player in normal skin interface. Now you can change your skin with thousands of free skins. You can customize the skins.

 VLC player downloaded skins doesn't work on Mac OS X. If you want to download all the skins for VLC. You can download at VLC website complete pack of 37MB. This video will show you step by step to install new skins for VLC player.

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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Most Popular Firefox Extensions

One of the finest and most popular browser Firefox has thousands of extensions. To day im going to give brief description on Top 10 most used popular extensions.

1) AdBlock Plus :

AdBlock is one of finest and best extension in Firefox and as well as in Chrome also. It will help you to Block unwanted Ads from different advertising companies. Now you can enjoy the browsing experience without any annoying Ads.

2) Video DownloadHelper :

Video download helper is a tool that can extract content from web page. We can grab Images or Videos from different web sites like Google and Dailymotion.

3) Firebug : 

Fierbug is a best tool to edit HTML,Java on your web page live.  The latest version of Firebug is 1.12 is working on Firefox 29.0.

4) NoScript Security Suite :

NoScript will give you the best security while browsing on Firefox. If you are using banking sites, If any body attacking NoScript will works at best and give you the most securable browsing. Firefox is at its best with NoScript.

NoScript tool own the "PC World's Best Tool" Award.

5) Greasemonkey :

Greasemonkey is a tool that we can Java scripts in it. Greasemonkey allow you to customize the web page like what you ever you want. Thousands of scripts are available for Greasemokey for different web sites. Greasemonkey is most popular for Facebook scripts.

6) Microsoft .Net Framework :  

It is the official .Net Framework extension from Microsoft.

7) DownThemAll : 

DownThemAll is a first download manager / accelerator built in Firefox. It will help you to download any thing from web. You can Pause, Stop the downloads when ever you want.

8) Flash Video Downloader : Flash video downloader is a tool to download any Flash file from Yotube, Facebook, Metacafe, Break and so many web sites.

9) FlashGot Mass Downloader :

Download multiple files from different links from a web page.

10) Web Of Trust - WOT :

Web of trust is a tool which helps you Google search if you are searching any thing. It shows its(web site) quality beside every link. WOT is the best tool to browse secure and suggest better sites with their ranking.

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Top 10 Unique Websites That You Should Bookmark

Internet became most valuable thing in our daily life. To day i want tell you that "Top 10 Websites That You Should Bookmark" on your computer. This is just for educational purpose. There are lot more web sites with great quality and content. I will post about rest of websites in future articles.

1) iRuler :

iRuler will help you to measure things with out ruler. This online ruler will help you. You just have to give your monitor dimensions.

2) Spreeder :

Spreeder is providing a online video tool that can make you to read and speak English very fastly.

3)ListenToYoutube : 

 Many people want to download youtube video songs as MP3 file. If you are searching for this this will be helpful for you.


4) Ninite :  

download multiple applications with Ninite installer. Ninite will reduce day to day updating your Windows Or Linux application updating or installing.

5) Librovix :  

If you are searching for to download audio books. This will be the best option. Search in Librovix site and then download. 

6) : 

If you are worrying about to find dead pixel on your PC or Tv. This online dead pixel finder will helps a lot.

7) :   

If you want save your any text files such as PDF, Word, Text Document or Webpage to audio file. Now its easy providing this online tool, simply submit that text and convert into audio file then save it to your PC.

 8) : 

Now a days there are so many fonts we are using. Actually we dont have any idea about font names. We just remember only a few. Now if you want to know exact font name on any image with

9) downforeveryoneorjustme : If some list of websites not work on your IP. In that case you find is that site completely down for me or down for all. is a online tool which works with your IP and that website host.

 10) :  If you have essay writing competition in your college or school.  And if you dont know any thing about that topic, Then will create an Essay for you on that topic. All you need to give that topic name in search box.

 Will update rest of the unique websites list and complete details soon. Hope this article is helpful.
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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Father Of Google+ Is Departured From Google

Vivek(Vic) Gundotra senior vice president for Socail Google+ resigned from his post on April 24th.  Gundotra previously worked Microsoft for 16 years. Hes main person in Microsoft's main invention .Net and he was elected for as one of the top 100 innovators in the world under the age of 35 in 2003.

Gundotra graduated at Indian Institute Of Technology Madras. Vic Gundotra joined Google in 2007 and hes is the main key behind Google+. After Vic's depature, Google replaced that place by David Besbris. Vic marries Cloudia and they have two kids.

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Download Windows 8.1 Ready To Manfacture Trail Version For 90 Days

Microsoft released Windows 8.1 Enterprise RTM(Ready To Mafacture) version on web. Windows 8.1 and 8.1 Enterprise version are almost had same features. But Microsoft adding some special features to Enterprise version.

Special Features In Windows 8.1 Enterprise :

Windows To Go Creator

Start Screen Control

Direct Access

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


Assigned  Access

For installing this RTM you dont need to give any product key. But you should activate this with in 3 months. This version will work till October 2014. After completing your free trail using you will watermark on your desktop(Its not genuine version). We can get Windows 8.1 in 32bit and as well as in 64bit.

Download Link Of Windows 8.1 RTM Version

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