10+ Best Demo Websites for Selenium Automation Testing Practice

We certainly need demo websites for various purposes, like learning new tools and for automation testing practice. In this post, we cherry picked some of the best websites to practice Selenium automation testing. These set of demo websites would help you to enhance your automation skills. 

This post can help various people like,  Automation Testing learners, Experienced professionals and even Automation Testing tutors/teachers. They all can benefit from these demo websites. In this post, you won't only get the links of the demo website but alongside get the practice exercises links for automation practice.

Table of Content

1. Techlistic Automation Practice Form

2. Amazon like Demo E-Commerce Website

3. Make My Trip like Travel Portal

4. Demo Automation Practice Web Table

5. Google.com

6. Demo Website for Handling Alerts

7. Way2Automation Demo

8. NewTours DemoAUT

9. The Demo Site

10. DemoQA

BONUS - Demo Websites for API Testing

11. Restful Booker

12. Pet Store

Let's take a look at all the demo websites for testing.

This Sign-up automation testing practice form contains all the important web elements which we come across daily life like text box, radio button, check box, select drop downs, multi-select box, button, links, file upload button and download link. So, you would get good exposure of Selenium web element commands after automating this practice sign-up form.

1.1. What should you know to automate this dummy sign-up form?

We would recommend you to go over Selenium WebElement Commands before start automating this sign-up form yourself. Selenium WebElement commands would help you to perform different web actions like enter text, click on link or button, selecting a checkbox, radio button etc.

1.2. Practice Exercise for Demo Sign-Up Form
An amazon.com like demo e-commerce website, this is surely top of the list. This is a full featured e-commerce website and my favorite. You can test anything from a simple login page to product view page, to purchase product page, search a product, shopping cart and you can also automate dummy payment flow. Cut short, you can automate the end to end online shopping workflow on this dummy e-commerce website.

2.1. What should you know before automating this demo e-commerce website?

For automating this demo e-commerce website, you should have sound knowledge on selenium and programming concepts, because this is a complex demo e-commerce website with almost every feature that any big e-commerce brand would have.

2.2. Reference Links for Help

2.3. Practice Exercises for demo e-commerce website
    1. Create a Test Plan for demo e-commerce website
    2. Automate User Registration and Login using Selenium
    3. Automate 'Search Product' feature of e-commerce website using Selenium
    4. Automate "Buy Product" feature of e-commerce website using Selenium

This is a brilliant online resource to learn and exercise Selenium Webdriver. You can prepare test scripts, test data, and object properties accordingly. It provides you with multiple options, listed few of them below. Please note that the demo usernames and passwords are available on the demo page.

3.1. What should you know before automating this demo Travel Portal?

For automating this demo Travel Portal, you should have good knowledge on selenium and programming concepts.

3.2. Reference Links for Help


This demo web page has the dummy table data which is created using the html. It would help you to learn fetching data from a html table using Selenium. It would require both Selenium and Java Skills to automate this demo table. This table has a table header, few table lines and table columns with some dummy data inside it's cells.

4.1. What should you know to automate this demo web table?

It would require the knowledge of various Selenium Commands and Java loops and conditions to read  data from the demo web table.

4.2. Refer Links for Help

Yes you read it right, Google! You can also automate google search with Selenium Webdriver. We all know that Google is a search engine and it works on ajax technology. In simple words, the auto-suggestions that appear below google search bar works on ajax.

5.1. What should you know before automating google search?

You should have good knowledge on Selenium's Actions class commands, specially explicit wait command.

5.2. Reference Links for Help

5.3. Practice Exercises for automating Google.com

This web page contains buttons/ links which produces new web windows, javascript alerts etc. You can practice selenium commands to handle windows/alerts on this page.

7. http://www.way2automation.com/demo.html

Another awesome website to practice Selenium webdriver online. It gives you so much to test that whatever we write but it would feel incomplete. Still check out the below list for a quick reference.

It asks you to log in first before presenting the online flight booking web page. The demo username/password is test/test.


It is a lightning fast demo website to practice Selenium webdriver online. Here you can perform the following web operations. 
  • http://thedemosite.co.uk/addauser.php – Presents a web page to add a user. It displays the success/failure message on the screen.
  • http://thedemosite.co.uk/login.php – It will give a login screen with username/password fields. You can use the “test” as username and “test” as the password.

This is an excellent site for online Selenium practice. It has a rich set of web UI functions specially designed to the needs of testing of web application of all types. Some of the notable operations on the web elements that you can perform are.
  • Online registration – fill the registration form and submit.
  • Interactive actions – Draggable, resizable and selectable etc.
  • Widget functions – Autocomplete, slider, menu and date picker etc.
  • Misc. stuff – Testing with different frames and windows.

11. restful booker

You can use Restful-booker API to learn more about API Testing or try out API testing tools against it.

12. pet store

This is an open source API server built using Swagger. You can find multiple API on this sample server.

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Happy Learning!
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