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14 Best Selenium Practice Exercises for Automation Practice

  This page contains the list of Selenium Program exercises for automation practice. Your skills will definitely get a boost after solving these Selenium Practice Assignments. In these assignments, you will find the Sample Applications for Automation Testing . These Practice Assignments are designed in such a way that learners can enhance their automation skills. They also include multiple Sample Test Cases for Selenium along with step-by-step description which needs to be automated.  Reference links to  Selenium WebDriver Commands  for solutions are provided in the assignments. 10 Best Selenium Practice Exercises for Automation Practice Automate Amazon-like e-Comm Website with Selenium WebDriver In this self-learning project assignment, we'll automate all the major e-commerce website features with Selenium and Java. We'll automate Sign-up and login, search products, and purchase products for Amazon an e-commerce website. Automate Website features with Selenium WebD

Automation Practice: Automate Amazon like E-Commerce Website with Selenium

In this post, you will learn to automate different functionalities of an e-commerce website. To automate this practice assignment,  you should have sound knowledge of all the Selenium concepts. We'll create a test plan and then automate an e-commerce website that is quite similar to Automate Amazon-like e-Comm website with Selenium for Automation Practice Table of Content 1. What should you know before starting this Project assignment? 2. Which functionalities will we automate in this Project assignment? 3. Create Test Plan for Amazon like e-commerce website 4. Automate Amazon like e-commerce website: Automate User Registration and Login of e-commerce website Automate Search feature of e-commerce website Automate "Buy Product" feature of e-Commerce website 1. What should you know before automating this automation assignment? You should know the following topics, before starting this project assignment: Software Testing Concept

How to Automate Google Search with Selenium WebDriver

In this post, you will learn to automate Google Search using Selenium Webdriver with Java. This is a real-time example of Explicit wait command. Google search is an Ajax call. We will handle this Ajax call using the Explicit wait command of Selenium Webdriver. We can also say that we'll automate the auto-suggestion feature of search in this post. 1. What is Ajax search? Ajax stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax is a new technology for creating faster and more interactive web applications. What Ajax does is: Update a web page without reloading/refreshing it Read data from the server after the page is loaded When you write something into a Search Box say "app" and it shows you similar search options that are Ajax. And you can automate that auto-suggestion box with the help of Explicit command in Selenium WebDriver . Google search is the best example of Ajax. In the case of Google search, you simply type any keyword in the search bar and just below the s