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Automate an e-Commerce website with Selenium Webdriver

In this post you will learn to automate different functionalities of e-commerce website. This assignment is rated as 'Pro' level. We will cover multiple test scenarios of e-commerce website in this assignment like., User Registration, Buy Product,  Search Product and other website filters using Selenium Webdriver.  Along with test assignments, url of the demo e-commerce website is also provided. You can use this demo e-com website for your automation practice. Table of Content 1. Automate User Registration of an e-Commerce Website 2. Automate 'Login' with Selenium of an e-Commerce Website 3. Automate Buy Product functionality of an e-Commerce Website 4. Automate Search Product functionality of an e-Commerce Website Assignment 1  - Automate 'User Registration' of an e-commerce website with Selenium This section is focused on covering all the scenarios for User Registrati

Automate Google Search with Selenium Webdriver

In this post you will learn to automate Google Search using Selenium Webdriver with Java. This is a real time example of Explicit wait command. Google search is an ajax call. We will handle this ajax call using Explicit wait command of selenium Webdriver. What is ajax? Ajax stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XML. Ajax is a new technology for creating for faster and more interactive web applications. What ajax does is: Update a web page without reloading/refresh it Read data from the server after the page is loaded When you write something into a Search Box say "app" and it shows you similar search options that is ajax. And you can automate that auto suggestion box with the help of Explicit command in Selenium Webdriver . Google search is a best example of ajax. In case of google search, you simply type any keyword in search bar and just below the search bar a suggestion box with matching suggestions appears instantly, this is ajax. We can handle ajax in Selenium

Automate Browser Actions and Menu links with Selenium Webdriver

This post contains two assignments which helps you to learn selenium  browser commands. These are the simplest assignments. So, this assignment post is the best suited to start your automation tester journey. 1. Automate Browser Actions on with Selenium If you are a beginner in automation testing and looking forward to write your first Selenium code, then this post is the best destination for you. This assignment will teach you the basic commands of Selenium Webdriver to perform basic actions like., Launch browser, maximize browser window, validate page title and close browser. In this post, you will find very basic step by step assignments which will upgrade your understanding about Selenium Webdriver and it's commands. Assignment Level - Beginner Test Case 1 - Open and maximize browser window. Steps to Automate: 1. Launch browser of your choice say., Firefox, chrome etc. 2. Open this URL - 3. Maximize or set size of browser window