A Complete Guide to API Development

API (Application Programming Interface) is the buzzword in the tech industry these days. It has a huge role to play in the country’s economy and thus the technology is getting the needed investment. You get APIs everywhere today for daily use so as to book tickets, make online payments, and do online activities. Take the help of a developer so as to get best advice and assistance for developing an API.

In simple terms, an API is a way for computer programs so as to interact with each other. You get APIs in all kinds of websites, mobile devices, games, and software. Businesses are spreading their reach and service to customers with the help of dynamic APIs. Some of the companies are making a high amount of money using all kinds of multi-use APIs. The blog is here to highlight details about API development, different terminologies in use, and the best tools for development.


Table of Contents

1. What Is API and How Does It Work? 

2. Different Terminologies in Use of API Development

3. Popular Tools in the Market for API Development

·        Apigee

·        APIMatic and API Transformer

·        API Science

·        API Serverless Architecture

·        Swagger

·        GitHub

4. Top Practices for Developing APIs

5. Final Thoughts!


What Is API and the Different Types of APIs?

API is the set of standards that enables an app or software so as to employ services or platforms for efficient services. It is something that is enabling the software to employ services to other apps or platforms. API becomes the base for all apps so as to deal with data or enable easy communication between products. It is empowering a mobile app or platform to share data with platforms and also enhances the user experience. They eliminate the need so as to develop a similar program from the start and use the present platform.


APIs is categorizing into different types as follows –


Private APIs

The interface of the app software is to improve the solutions with the business. Developers can use the API so as to get new systems for work.


Partner APIs

It is in use for software integration between two entities. They are easily shareable with other business partners that signs agreement with the publisher. Businesses are able to benefit from different revenue streams so as to access data.


Public APIs

Public APIs are also known to be developer-facing and easily available for third-party development. Use a public API program so as to increase brand awareness. It is also allowing the business so as to earn something extra as execution happens correctly.


Composite API

It is the combination of different services and data APIs. They’re developed with the combination of existing API functions that perform tasks with a single call. The API boosts the execution speed so as to enhance the overall performance.


Different Terminologies in Use of API Development

Developers need to be aware of the common terms associated with API development so as to ensure smooth execution. There are different kinds of terminologies in use and let us look into some of the popular API development terminologies.


JSON – It stands for JavaScript Object Notion and is the data format used for API request parameters.

API Key – As the API requests through a header for recognition of the requester, the authorization code passes into the request.


Endpoint – As the APIs interact with each other, one end of the communication channels gets the name Endpoint.


POST – It is the RESTful API’s HTTP method so as to build resources.


GET – GET is the RESTful application program interface HTTP method so as to acquire resources.


OAuth – The Open standard authorization framework is rendering access from the user’s side without direct sharing of credentials.


REST – It stands for Representational State Transfer. REST is the kind of programming architectural implementation for enhancing communication between two devices. It is light-weight tool so as to provide particular data as requested by sharing references.


Rate-Limiting – It is the term referring to the rate of definition so as to ensure end-user access to APIs. This also means restricting the requests hit by a user to an API per time.


Latency – It defines as the time taken by API in the total process from request to the response.


Popular Tools in the Market for API Development

There are a wide variety of API development tools so as to ensure easy access to data and business transactions. Let us look at some of the popular API development tools –



The tool is also the API management provider assisting developers so as to ensure digital transformation. Apigee tries to re-establish an API Integration approach.


APIMatic and API Transformer

It is a popular tool for dynamic API development. The tool ensures automatic generation so as to build top-quality SDKs and code snippets. It helps to transform API-specific formats into different formations like API Blueprint, RAML, and more.


API Science

The tool is best in use for evaluating the performance of internal and external APIs.


API Serverless Architecture

It is a product assisting mobile app developers so as to design, publish and host APIs.



Swagger is the open-source framework so as to develop APIs. It is being used by tech giants. Some of the APIs make easy integration and help build a better app. The tool has some of the best features for developers so as to ensure development.



It is an open-source respiratory hosting service that helps developers in managing different code files. GitHub also assists in version control and commenting that gets distributed across the group. The tool assists in saving codes in private repositories.


Top Practices for Developing APIs

Let us look at some of the top practices for developers so as to get functional apps –


The Use of Throttling

It is a great practice so as to redirect the overflow of traffic and safeguard the APIs from DoS.


Consider the API Gateway as Enforcer

The API gateway is the enforcement point so as to set up the throttle rules. It is the cop that lets right users with easy access to data. This also empowers the encryption of the message, analysis, and also manages the use of APIs.


Allowing Overriding HTTP Method

You need to let the RESTful API override the HTTP method as some proxies support GET and POST methods. Developers need to employ custom HTTP Header X-HTTP-Method-Override so as to get relevant functions. 


Ensuring Security

The API technology must be more secure so as to deliver dividends to their clients and customers. The token-based authentication system has become one of the ideal ways to secure the API.



It is critical to create a vital document for an API meant for mobile apps. The procedure assists in the future analysis of the work so as to utilizes the information creatively. Good API documentation is the process of efficient API development process and implementation.


Final Thoughts!

The blog provides in-depth knowledge of developers and businesses to develop & implement APIs. Reach out to a reliable app development company so as to get instant solutions for APIs. Contact the professionals for expert guidance on the entire development process so as to develop a secure API. Are you interested in mobile app development services? Contact API developers who can help you get desirable apps so as to enhance business motives.


Guest Author,

Akash Rout



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