Some Funny Conversations of QA and Developer over Bugs

We all know the importance of humor in our life. And sometimes it comes our way when it's most unexpected and sometimes during stressful work hours and you just can't restrict yourself from sharing these funny moments with others.
I am going to share some of the funniest experiences of the QA Engineers with developers. We IT professionals aware of the epic cold war between Developers and QA's. Developers never accept bug in their code and very often they give some illogical and funny excuses to back their buggy code.

When some of the QA Engineers have been asked to share there funniest experiences /conversations with developers, see their responses:

Suresh: In my recent project, every time I found a bug, Developer used to say, No user will use that feature so we don't care about that bug :)

Next one is lol :D :D :D

Ralph: After I reported a “very bad” bug, the developer came to find me and gave me a very helpful tutorial about why the scenario I described could never be allowed to happen because it would be “very bad” if it did. Then after he replied on that bug with something like this "Tester educated, problem solved. Please close the bug."

Nuno: Dev: "What did you do to put the system in this condition??:"
QA " "Nothing...I was not working with it."
Dev: "ok...what did you do before you did nothing??" :D

Schneider: In one of my first testing projects I was testing a full-text search feature in a windows app. One of the capabilities was the ability to search for X near Y, where near could be up to 50K words apart. My test case for this was to repeat the same two words 25K times to get the correct distance. This caused the compression algorithm to implode.

The developer referred to this as "an extraordinarily pathological test case." :P :D

And here comes the funniest of all, I bet you can't stop laughing after reading this.....

Sean: Long ago when I worked for the MI Support Desk (don't chastise me) I had an interesting response to a patch. I sent the customer the latest patch to "resolve their problem" and told them to unzip it at the <YOURDRIVE>\Program Files\ etc etc I said it that way as I had people go on about not having Program Files installed on their C drive Yep you guessed it, I got a response stating that they couldn't find the YOURDRIVE folder, but in their defence I did get a second email 10 mins later saying "I'm being stupid aren't I?"

Paras: I had a developer that always used to say, with a twinkle in his eye, no that's a feature, which he later on agreed to as bug.

Carlos: I've had, "No one is going to do that, that's a tester bug." After release, the
bug is occurring for consumers. ^.^

Anil: Often heard from developers. All users are smart , no one is going to input these type
of values...
Last but not the least, hilarious one :D :D

Usman: One of developer in my company write this error messages throughout the application "Operation has been failed successfully" :D :D :D

Feel free to share your experiences as well in comments. Till my next post, stay happy.

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