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How to Test a Website or Web Application?

In this post you will learn the guidelines and checklist for Web Application Testing. All these guidelines will help you become a good Website Tester. 1. Functionality:      1.1   Links      Objective is to check for all the links in the website.      1.1.1          All Internal Links      1.1.2          All External Links      1.1.3          All mail to links      1.1.4          Check for orphan Pages      1.1.5          Check for Broken Links 1.2   Forms       Test for the integrity of submission of all forms.      1.2.1          All Field Level Checks      1.2.2          All Field Level Validations.      1.2.3          Functionality of Create, Modify, Delete & View.      1.2.4          Handling of Wrong inputs (Both client & Server)      1.2.5          Default Values if any      1.2.6          Optional versus Mandatory fields. 1.3   Cookies       Check for the cookies that has to be enabled and how it has to be expired.     

Test-aliens are here on Earth, Go slow developers!

 Why should a company have a team for Software Testing and Quality Assurance? What is the need to test a software? Why shouldn't developers test their own work? When I started my career around two years back I encountered above listed queries. At that time I had no reply to these queries. But after dwelling around two years in IT sector I come along with some firm replies. All above listed questions are inter-belonging and the highlighted one was recently posted in a programmer's Q&A post, it inevitably raised my curious eyebrow. This can be a big debate. Diving straight to the point, the simple, unmistakable and well known answer is : “Developers are not very good testers.” But according to my understanding correct answer is, - “They don't want to see bugs in their code and only look for happy paths and and happy endings.” Believe me I was a developer in the past and then I moved to QA to avoid QA on my code, now I'm coding Automated Selenium Sc

What's Next After being a Proficient Automation QA?

If you are an automation QA and started noticing that you are repeating the same activities again and again. So, after a while, you start asking yourself – What is next? There are many directions that you can take to evolve and expand your career path. 1. Become A Test Automation Trainer - You are a great candidate for becoming a trainer and helping others do what you do. 2. Diversify the Type of Test Automation - Start looking into mobile automation, Performance testing, security testing, etc. - Think on how the automation framework can be made more scalable and dockerised. - Get hold on different programming languages and build a habit of writing effective code. 3. Do More Development - QA can bring value by creating some innovative applications to automate day to day tasks. - Participate in writing Junit test cases. 4. DevOps - Jump from QA to DevOps, start looking in designing and setup CI/CD solutions. 5. Learning new technologies - Learn new software test