Selenium Tutorial - Learn Selenium from Comprehensive Series of 40 Coding Tutorials

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Table of Content

Pre-requisites to learn Selenium Webdriver:

1. Introduction to Selenium

i. Browser, Navigation & FindElement Commands

ii. Wait Commands

iii. Web Form Commands

iv. Handle Links
  • Get all Web page links
  • Check broken links on a Web page

    v. Alerts & Windows Handling

    vi. Actions Class

    vii. Web Table Handling

      viii. Capture Screenshots

        ix. Javascript Executor
        • Horizontal & Vertical Scroll

          x. Robot Class

            xi. Webdriver Exceptions

              xii. List of Selenium Webdriver Commands

              3. TestNG Tutorial

              4. Automation Frameworks

              5. Practice Assignments

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              1. please provide complete tutorial as few links are missing.


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