A Comprehensive Selenium WebDriver Tutorial for Beginners to Advanced

This Selenium with Java Tutorial consists of 50+ Comprehensive Coding Posts with examples.

This Selenium Tutorial series is designed in such a way that users can learn and master Selenium WebDriver from scratch. If you are a beginner and want to start your career as an Automation Testing Expert then you should go through this tutorial step by step.

This tutorial has beautifully explained Selenium WebDriver example code in Java. It is rated as one of the best Selenium WebDriver Tutorials with Java over different rating platforms.

1. What is Automation Testing?

Automation testing is the process of automating the execution of manual test cases with the help of automation tools like., Selenium WebDriver, Protractor, Mobile TestingPostmanJMeter, etc. 

2. Why Automation Testing is needed?

Automation Testing helps us to reduce our effort of testing and cost by automating repetitive testing cycles. And by doing this, software release cycles can be much faster and software products are readily available in the market. Automation testing generally covers Functional and Performance Testing.
  • Functional Automation - Automated Regression Testing is a good example of functional automation. Manual Regression testing requires a lot of testing effort and time. We can cut down the time duration of regression testing by automating most of the regression test cases. Remember, 100% automation is not possible.
  • Non-Functional Automation - Non-functional testing means performance testing in our case. We can also automate performance test cases by using automation tools., e.g., JMeter.

3. What is Selenium? Why Dev took the name Selenium?

Selenium is a suite of different automation testing tools like., Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, WebDriver, and Selenium Grid. Selenium Introductory video explained it all.

Selenium Video Tutorials Playlist (YouTube)

1. Selenium IDE Tutorial

9. Parameterization and Data-Driven Testing

10. Working with Test Flow Control

11. Exporting Test Cases

12. Debugging and Troubleshooting

2. Selenium with Python Tutorial


1. What is Selenium WebDriver?
2. Install and Setup Selenium with Python
3. Locate Elements with Selenium Python

6. How to find all broken links of the website with Selenium WebDriver?

10. How to automate scrolling with Selenium WebDriver?
    • What is JavaScript Executor in Selenium?
    • Horizontal & Vertical Scroll

11. Selenium WebDriver Exceptions

4. Selenium TestNG Tutorial

12. TestNG Data Provider

5. Selenium Practice Coding Exercises

6. Demo Websites for Selenium Practice

  1. How to Implement Code Re-usability?
  2. Keyword Driven Framework
  3. Modular Framework
  4. Data Driven Framework
  5. Page Object Model
  6. Hybrid Framework

9. FAQs and Selenium Blogs

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