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This Free Tutorial consists of Comprehensive List of 40+ Coding Posts with examples

It is designed in such a way that users can learn and  master Selenium Webdriver from scratch. If you are beginner and want to start your career as an Automation Testing Expert then you should go through this tutorial step by step. 

It would also be helpful for experienced Manual Testing Professionals who want to extend their skill set in Automation Testing arena.

What should you know before starting this tutorial?
You should be aware of the basic Manual Testing concepts and basic core Java concepts. You can go through following links for gaining basic knowledge on these topics:

What is Automation Testing?
Automation testing is the process of automating the execution of manual test cases with the help of automation tools like., Selenium Webdriver, Protractor, PostmanJMETER etc. 

Why Automation Testing is needed?
Automation Testing helps us to reduce our effort of testing and cost by automating repetitive testing cycles. And by doing this, software release cycles can be much faster and software products are readily available in the market.

Automation testing generally covers Functional and Performance Testing.
  • Functional Automation - Automated Regression Testing is a good example of functional automation. Manual Regression testing requires a lot of testing effort and time. We can cut down the time duration of regression testing by automating most of the regression test cases. Remember, 100% automation is not possible.
  • Non-Functional Automation - Non-functional testing means the performance testing in our case. We can also automate performance test cases by using automation tools., e.g., JMeter.

Table of Content

1. Introduction to Selenium Webdriver

2. Selenium Webdriver Commands

i. Browser, Navigation & FindElement Commands
ii. Wait Commands
iii. Web Form Commands
iv. Handle Links
v. Alerts & Browser Tabs Handling
vi. Actions Class
vii. Web Table Handling
viii. Capture Screenshots
ix. Robot Class
x. List of Top 25 Must to Know Selenium Webdriver Commands

xi. Javascript Executor
  • Horizontal & Vertical Scroll
xii. Webdriver Exceptions

3. Automation Frameworks

4. Practice Assignments

5. TestNG Tutorial

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