Selenium Essentials - How to become expert in Automation Testing?

You can learn Selenium Webdriver yourself in just 1 month, yes you read it right!

If you want my above statement to work for you, then you would have to come up with a proper study plan and follow it with discipline. Discipline is the key here. Good news is, I am going to help you to make that study plan and also will share very useful blog posts links for the same, later in this post.

First important question is: What all you need to learn to become expert in Selenium Webdriver?
Answer is simple, by learning everything mentioned below:

1. First and foremost thing is Software Testing concepts: You can find Software Testing tutorial series here - Software Testing Tutorials Series

2. Coding concepts - You have to learn coding concepts/skills in any one of the language which Selenium support i.e., Java, Pyhton, Ruby, C#, PHP. Currently java is ahead in the race. Refer this link to learn Java for Selenium - Java Tutorials Series

3. Fundamentals of HTML & CSS - You should have very basic kn…

Java - What are OOPS Concepts?

We used to hear OOPS very often whenever we come across JAVA language. In this post we are going to have a look at the OOPS concepts of the Java. Some of the object oriented languages are: C#, C++, PHP, Java, Python etc.

Main concepts of OOPS are:
ObjectClassInheritancePolymorphismAbstractionEncapsulation1. Object: 
A Java object is a combination of data and procedures working on the available data. An object has a state and behavior. The state of an object is stored in fields (variables), while methods (functions) display the object's behavior. Objects are created from templates known as classes. In Java, an object is created using the keyword "new".
Syntax of creating an object:
MyClass obj = new MyClass();
In above example,  MyClass is class name, 'obj' is the object name (object name can be anything) 'new' is keyword of java which instantiates the object (or in simple language it creates the object'MyClass()'is the constructor of 'MyClass'
2. …

10 Best Demo Websites for Automation Testing Practice

This post is specially designed for those folks who want to learn or currently learning Selenium. In this post, I cherry picked links of some of the top demo websites/pages which you guys can use for practice purpose. On the top of it, I also designed Practice Assignments which you can practice on the the shared demo website links. 

1. AUTOMATION PRACTICE FORM Level - BeginnerAbout - This form contains all the important form elements which we come across daily like text box, radio button, check box, select drop downs, multi-select box, button, links, File Upload, Download link.Practice AssignmentsAutomate Browser actions, launch broswer, maximize window, validate title and close browser using Selenium WebdriverAutomate Demo 'About Me' Form using Selenium Webdriver

2. AUTOMATION PRACTICE TABLE Level - IntermediateAbout - This web page contains table data. You can test your Selenium and Java skills. It would require Selenium commands and java loops, conditions to read table data.

Assignment 5: Automate "User Registration" Process for E-commerce Website using Selenium

This assignment is focused on covering all the scenarios for User Registration for an e-commerce website. In this assignments you will learn the different Selenium commands which are used to handle the web form. A web form is generally a collection of web elements like, text boxes, radio buttons, selection box etc. And in web testing, we mostly face web forms and our 90% of testing revolves around web forms. We are going to cover both positive and negative scenarios for User Registration.

Automation Level - Intermediate

Positive Scenario

Test Case 1 - Automate User Registration Process

Steps to Automate: 1. Open this url 2. Click on sign in link. 3. Enter your email address in 'Create and account' section. 4. Click on Create an Account button. 5. Enter your Personal Information, Address and Contact info. 6. Click on Register button. 7. Validate that user is created.

If you find it difficult to automate above steps, then follow the referenc…

How to Install Eclipse Testng Plugin

Install TestNG in Eclipse: Open Eclipse.Click on the 'Help' menu option.Click on "Eclipse Marketplace" You need to install TestNG plugin in your Eclipse to work with it. Below are the steps:

4. Type Testng in Find text box and click on search icon. After TestNG is appeared in the search click on the Install button.

5. After clicking Install, it will show some other dialogues, just click accept the terms and click Finish. 6. Installation will take some time to complete. 7. Eclipse will ask you for restart, click yes. 8. After restart, you can verify if TestNG is installed correctly or not. Click Window -> Preferences , TestNG should display in Preferences list.

That's it, you are done with the installation. Happy Learning!

Overview of TestNG  << Previous    ||Next >>TestNG Annoations Refer: Selenium-TestNG Integration Tutorial Series

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Top 20 Selenium Webdriver Interview Questions of 2020

Question 1 -How to handle Alerts or Pop-Ups using Selenium Webdriver?Answer - Alerts or javascript pop-ups can be handled by using commands of org.openqa.selenium.Alert class in Selenium Webdriver.  Read details - Alert Handling

Question 2 -How to Handle Multiple Browser Tabs Using Selenium Webdriver? Answer - Multiple browser tabs can be handled using Keys enumerator and switchTo() method.  Read details - Multiple Browser Tabs Handling

Question 3 -How to Achieve Code Reuseablity & Maintainablility in Selenium Code?Answer - Code re-usability can be achieved by creating page methods (action methods) and use those methods in your test method code instead of direct selenium commands. Read details - Code Re-usability in Selenium

Question 4 -How to Handle Dynamic Web Table in Selenium WebDriver?Answer - We can handle dynamic web table by preparing dynamic xpath of table at runtime.  Read details - Handle Dynamic Table

Question 5 -How to Extract Table Data/Read Table Data Using Selenium WebDrive…