REST API Automation Testing with Postman Tutorial

Automation has now become a norm across sectors, and when used in testing, it can undoubtedly improve the depth and scope of the tests. Since it is not possible to test everything manually, so using Postman automation can save our time as well as efforts. Postman is the ultimate tool for API automation. In this blog, we will be taking a look at how to  achieve API automation using Postman. Example Scenario for Automation using Postman: Let’s say, a login API generates a Token (oAuth, JWT etc) and refreshes it every hour. The API utilizes this token to get the expected response. If we don’t automate, we will have to copy and paste this every time for each API. And for a test suite containing 100 API’s, a good amount of manual effort will go into pasting the token for each API. By introducing automation, this process of updating the newly generated taken can be automated. Let’s automate the Login API through Postman Open Postman Application and create a collection. Then make a P

Handle Multiple Browser Tabs using Selenium WebDriver

In this tutorial, you will learn to open and handle multiple browser tabs within a single Selenium script.  We can make use of Key controls of Actions class of Selenium Webdriver or Robot Class of java to handle multiple tabs. Program to handle two browser tabs: public class SwitchBetweenBrowserTab { public static void main ( String [] a ) throws InterruptedException { // Initialize driver WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver (); //Maximize browser window driver . manage (). window (). maximize (); //Go to URL driver . get ( "" ); //Set timeout driver . manage (). timeouts (). implicitlyWait ( 10 , TimeUnit . SECONDS ); // Open new tab driver . findElement ( By . cssSelector ( "body" )). sendKeys ( Keys . CONTROL + "t" ); //Go to URL driver . get ( "" );

Automate E-Commerce Website using Selenium Webdriver

In this post you will learn to automate different functionalities of e-commerce website. This assignment is rated as 'Pro' level. We will cover multiple test scenarios of e-commerce website in this assignment like., User Registration, Buy Product,  Search Product and other website filters using Selenium Webdriver.  Along with test assignments, url of the demo e-commerce website is also provided. You can use this demo e-com website for your automation practice. Assignment 1  - Automate 'User Registration' of an e-commerce website with Selenium This section is focused on covering all the scenarios for User Registration for an e-commerce website. In this assignments you will learn the different Selenium commands which are used to handle the web form. A web form is generally a collection of web elements like, text boxes, radio buttons, selection box etc. And in web testing, we mostly face web forms and our 90% of testing revolves around web forms. We are going to cove

Java Object and Class

Objects and Classes are the fundamental building blocks of OOPS (Object Oriented Programming). A java object is a physical and logical entity where as java class is logical entity. In this tutorial, we will learn about Java Objects and Classes. Object:  We often read in our text books that "Object is an instance of a class". An object has a state and behavior. For example., a dog has states - color, name and behavior as well like barking, eating etc.  The state of an object is stored in fields (variables), while methods (functions) display the object's behavior. Objects are created from templates known as classes. In Java, an object is created using the keyword "new". Syntax for creating an object: MyClass myObject = new MyClass(); In above example,  MyClass is class name. 'myObject ' is the object name (object name can be anything)  'new' is keyword of java which instantiates the object (in simple language it creates the object). 'MyClass()&

10 Best Demo Websites for Automation Testing Practice

This post is specially designed for those folks who want to learn or currently learning Selenium. In this post, I cherry picked links of some of the top demo websites/pages which you guys can use for practice purpose. On the top of it, I also designed Practice Assignments which you can practice on the the shared demo website links. 1.  AUTOMATION PRACTICE FORM Level - Beginner About - This form contains all the important form elements which we come across daily like text box, radio button, check box, select drop downs, multi-select box, button, links, File Upload, Download link. Practice Assignments -  Automate Browser Actions on using Selenium Webdriver Automate Practice Form using Selenium Webdriver 2.  AUTOMATION PRACTICE TABLE Level  - Intermediate About -  This  web page contains table data. You can test your Selenium and Java skills. It would require Selenium commands and java loops, conditions to read table data. Practice Assign