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*Top 10 Sites for your career:* 1. LinkedIN 2. Indeed 3. Careerealism 4. Job-Hunt 5. JobBait 6. Careercloud 7. GM4JH 8. Personalbrandingblog 9. Jibberjobber 10. Neighbors-helping-neighbors *Top 10 Tech Skills in demand in 2019:* 1. Machine Learning 2. Mobile Development 3. SEO/SEM Marketing 4. Data Visualization 5. Data Engineering 6. UI/UX Design 7. Cyber-security 8. Cloud Computing/AWS 9. Blockchain 10. IOT *Top 9 Sites for Free Online Education: 1. Coursera 2. edX 3. Khan Academy 4. Udemy 5. iTunesU Free Courses 6. MIT OpenCourseWare 7. Stanford Online 8. Codecademy 9. Open Culture Online Courses *Top 10 Sites to review your resume for free:* 1. Zety Resume Builder 2. Resumonk 3. Resume[com] 4. VisualCV 5. Cvmaker 6. ResumUP 7. Resume Genius 8. Resumebuilder 9. Resume Baking 10. Enhancv *Top 10 Sites for Interview Preparation:* 1. Ambitionbox 2. AceTheInterview 3. Geeksforgeeks 4. Leetcode 5. Gainlo 6. Careercup 7. Codercareer 8. InterviewUp 9. InterviewBest 10. Indiabix

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Selenium WebDriver - Handle Multiple Browser Tabs

In this tutorial, you will learn to open and handle multiple browser tabs within a single Selenium script.  We can make use of Key controls of Actions class of Selenium Webdriver or Robot Class of java to handle multiple tabs.

Program to handle two browser tabs:

publicclassSwitchBetweenBrowserTab{publicstaticvoidmain(String[] a)throws InterruptedException {// Initialize driver WebDriver driver =new FirefoxDriver();//Maximize browser window driver.manage().window().maximize();//Go to URL driver.get("");//Set timeout driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(10, TimeUnit.SECONDS);// Open new tab driver.findElement(By.cssSelector("body")).sendKeys(Keys.CONTROL+"t");//Go to URL driver.get("");//Set new tab timeout driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(10, TimeUnit.SECONDS);// Do some operation driver.findElement("gmail-sign-in&q…

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Top 20 Advanced Selenium Webdriver Coding Interview Questions of 2019

Question 1 -How to handle Alerts or Pop-Ups using Selenium Webdriver?Answer - Alerts or javascript pop-ups can be handled by using commands of org.openqa.selenium.Alert class in Selenium Webdriver.  Read details - Alert Handling

Question 2 -How to Handle Multiple Browser Tabs Using Selenium Webdriver? Answer - Multiple browser tabs can be handled using Keys enumerator and switchTo() method.  Read details - Multiple Browser Tabs Handling

Question 3 -How to Achieve Code Reuseablity & Maintainablility in Selenium Code?Answer - Code re-usability can be achieved by creating page methods (action methods) and use those methods in your test method code instead of direct selenium commands. Read details - Code Re-usability in Selenium

Question 4 -How to Handle Dynamic Web Table in Selenium WebDriver?Answer - We can handle dynamic web table by preparing dynamic xpath of table at runtime.  Read details - Handle Dynamic Table

Question 5 -How to Extract Table Data/Read Table Data Using Selenium WebDrive…

Selenium WebDriver - Browser and Navigation Commands

Browser commands are the starting point of your Selenium Webdriver script. These commands used to launch browser, maximize it, open URL to be tested and other navigation commands.
1. Browser Commands i. Set Path of browser/driver executable:
This would be the first line of your webdriver script. You have to download the browser executable file for the browser you are using and set path of the driver executbale to system property.Like for firefox you have to download geckodriver.exe and place in your project. Similarly for other browsers you have to download their browser/driver executables.Download Driver Executables link - is an example for Firefox.// Set Path of driver executable String driver_executable_path = "./src/com/techlistic/utils/geckodriver.exe"; System.setProperty("webdriver.gecko.driver", driver_executable_path);

ii. Launch Broswer: // Launch Browser - Creating a Firefox instance WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDri…

Selenium-TestNG Integration Explained with Coding Example

In this tutorial you will learn the real use of TestNG annotations covered in previous post with Selenium Webdriver scripts.

Selenium - TestNG integration program:

package com.techlistic.selenium; importorg.openqa.selenium.WebDriver;; importorg.testng.annotations.AfterMethod; importorg.testng.annotations.BeforeClass; importorg.testng.annotations.BeforeMethod; importorg.testng.annotations.Test; publicclassTestNGAnnotations2 { WebDriver driver; @BeforeClasspublicvoidsetupClass() { // Set Chrome driver property System.setProperty("", "D:\\mydir\\chromedriver.exe"); // Launch chrome browser driver = new ChromeDriver(); // Opening Browser URL and maximize it driver.get(""); driver.manage().window().maximize(); } @BeforeMethodpublicvoidsetupMethod() { // Webdriver Code for login } @Testpublicvoidtest_HomePage() { // Webdriver c…

Top 25 Must to know Selenium Webdriver Commands List

It covers almost all selenium webdriver commands with syntax. This tutorial acts as your guide to all important Selenium Webdriver commands.

1. Browser CommandsBrowser commands are the basic commands in Selenium. These commands are the starting point of your selenium script. Browser commands are used to launch browser, maximize it, open url and close browser etc. 

Syntax of all browser commands:
/************************** * Browser Commands * ************************** */// Set Path of driver executable String driver_executable_path = "./src/com/techlistic/utils/geckodriver.exe"; System.setProperty("webdriver.gecko.driver", driver_executable_path); // Launch Browser - Creating a Firefox instance WebDriver driver = new FirefoxDriver(); // For Chrome WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver(); // For Safari WebDriver driver = new SafariDriver(); // For Opera WebDriver driver = new OperaDriver(); // For IE WebDriver driver = new InternetExplorerDriver(); // Op…