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14 Best Selenium Practice Exercises for Automation Practice

  This page contains the list of Selenium Program exercises for automation practice. Your skills will definitely get a boost after solving these Selenium Practice Assignments. In these assignments, you will find the Sample Applications for Automation Testing . These Practice Assignments are designed in such a way that learners can enhance their automation skills. They also include multiple Sample Test Cases for Selenium along with step-by-step description which needs to be automated.  Reference links to  Selenium WebDriver Commands  for solutions are provided in the assignments. 10 Best Selenium Practice Exercises for Automation Practice Automate Amazon-like e-Comm Website with Selenium WebDriver In this self-learning project assignment, we'll automate all the major e-commerce website features with Selenium and Java. We'll automate Sign-up and login, search products, and purchase products for Amazon an e-commerce website. Automate Website features with Selenium WebD

An Introduction to Selenium Testing Framework and its Powerful Features

1. Introduction to Selenium 1.1 What is Selenium? Selenium is an open-source test automation framework that allows you to automate web browsers. It provides a suite of tools and libraries for different automation needs. Selenium supports multiple programming languages, including Java, Python, C#, etc., making it a versatile choice for automating web applications. 1.2 Selenium Components Selenium consists of the following components: 1. Selenium WebDriver: It is the core component of Selenium and provides a programming interface to interact with web browsers. WebDriver allows you to automate browser actions such as opening URLs, filling forms, clicking buttons, and more. 2. Selenium IDE : It is a record and playback tool for creating automated test cases. Selenium IDE is a browser extension that allows you to record user interactions with a web application and generate test scripts. 3. Selenium Grid: It is a tool used for distributed test execution. Selenium Grid enables you to run te