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Top 25 Selenium Webdriver Commands for Test Automation

In this tutorial you will learn about basic Selenium Webdriver Commands which would be the backbone of your GUI automation scripts. We have divided the commands in to different categories so that you can grasp them without difficulty. Table of Content 1. Selenium Browser Commands 2. Get Commands 3. Navigation Commands 4. Web Element Commands 5. Select Dropdown Commands 1. Selenium Browser Commands Browser commands are the starting point of your Selenium Webdriver script. These commands used to launch browser, maximize it, open URL to be tested and other navigation commands. i. Set Path of browser/driver executable: It is the starting point of the webdriver script.  You have to download the browser executable file for the browser and make sure it is compatible with the version of your browser. For example, for firefox you have to download geckodriver.exe and place in your project. Download geckodriver executable from this link - Si

10 Best Demo Websites for Selenium Automation Testing Practice

This tutorial will certainly help you if you are learning Selenium and want to enhance your automation skills by practicing automation code. This post is specially designed for those who want to learn or  learning Selenium Webdriver. In this post, I cherry picked links of some of the best websites to practice Selenium Automation. You'll find Urls of best selenium practice websites on this tutorial like., Automation Practice form, demo web table, dummy e-commerce website, website for handling alerts, dummy travel portal etc. You can also take a look at  Selenium Practice Assignments which would help you practice your automation skills on the the shared demo website links. 1.  AUTOMATION PRACTICE FORM Level - Beginner About - This form contains all the important form elements which we come across daily like text box, radio button, check box, select drop downs, multi-select box, button, links, File Upload, Download link. Selenium Commands - To automate this practice form

Handle Multiple Browser Tabs with Selenium Webdriver

In this tutorial, we will learn to handle multiple browser tabs within a single Selenium script. Selenium Webdriver does not provide any commands for this task. But we can make use of the existing Selenium commands in a smarter way to automate this scenario. Although this scenario is quite rare and you will not encounter it usually. How to use Actions Class in Selenium to Handle Multiple Browser Tabs Actions Class in Selenium is a special class which provides us very useful commands, which helps us to replicate Keyboard and Mouse events i.e., press/release any Key, move curson, drag and drop, right click, double click etc. You can learn about Actions Class in detail here .  In our scenario, we'll make use of Key control commands of Actions class to automate open and automate multiple browsers. Let's understand the whole code logic step by step. 1. Launch with Selenium Webdriver This is the most common part, we'll launch with Selenium Webdriver as