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Mobile Testing with Emulator: A step-wise guide

What is an Emulator? An Emulator is an application that emulates real mobile device software, hardware, and operating systems, allowing us to test and debug our application. It is generally provided by the device manufacturer. Mobile emulators are free and provided as a part of SDK with each new OS release. As a developer or a tester, you can configure the emulator to closely resemble the devices on which you plan to deploy your application. The emulator window consists of a device screen on the left and phone controls/keyboard on the right. The device screen initially displays ‘ANDROID‘, and then displays the graphical logo, while the Android platform associated with the AVD is initializing. What is AVD Manager? AVD Manager is a tool to create and manage Android Virtual Devices(AVDs), which define device configuration for the Android Emulator. Before you can actually run an emulator, you need to install the Android SDK on your machine and define an AVD, which defines the ha

How to Configure Appium with MAC - Mobile IOS Automation Setup

 In recent days, I got the chance to work on a Mobile Automation assignment. I got enough time for hands-on. I didn't have much experience on mobile automation before. I thought of sharing installation steps for Appium on MAC. I pen down all the configuration details and sharing below, so others could take help from it: List of downloads: 1. Download Appium version 1.XX (.dmg) file from 2. Download Appium-master from 3. Download latest android sdk. 4. Install latest Xcode 5. Update Android sdk with a) Latest API level b) Android SDK Build tools, SDK tools and SDK platform-tools from tools c) Google USB driver and Google Web-driver from extras. 6.        Download safari-launcher from for mobile web testing in iPhone. Environment variables : 1. Open terminal 2. vi .bash_profile  3. press 'i' and  enter these export commands a) export ANDROID_H

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