Difference between Selenium IDE and Webdriver

First of all you should understand your automation needs and then only make a decision.
Let’s go through different variants of Selenium, this would make it easy for you to understand IDE and Webdriver.

1. Selenium IDE -
    1. It’s a record and play tool.
    2. Supports Firefox only: Comes as plugin with Firefox only, so not other browsers are supported.
    3. Coding is not required: if you want to automate using this tool. It will record your tests and generate html scripts for you.
    4. One can’t add coding logic in script: It can only be used for some very basic automation. As you cannot write your own logic or you won’t be able to put conditions or loops in your automation test script.
    5. No code re-usability: As we cannot create methods in ide scripts which are in html.
    6. Maintainability is quite high: Maintainence effort is quite high in IDE. If there are any changes in your application/software it would impact your automation scripts heavily.
    7. You can click on this link to see IDE sample script - Selenium IDE Sample Script With Most Commonly Used Commands

2. Selenium Webdriver - Now this is what world is talking about. Even the study plan which I’m going to share is for Selenium Webdriver. It’s the successor of RC.
    1. It requires coding.
    2. Open Source
    3. It supports Java, C#, PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby.
    4. Supports almost every browser: ff, chrome, ie, safari, opera.
    5. Cross Platform: Supports every platform like Windows, Linux, Mac.
    6. You can achieve code-re-usability.
    7. Automation maintainence effort is less.
    8. You can find Webdriver sample script here - First Selenium Webdriver Script

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