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Selenium IDE Tutorial: How to Automate Web Testing with Easy-to-Use Interface

1. What is Selenium IDE? Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a browser-based tool used for automating web application testing. It is an open-source record-and-playback tool that allows testers and developers to create automated test cases without the need for extensive programming knowledge. Selenium IDE provides a simple and user-friendly interface for creating and executing test cases. It records user interactions with a web application and generates corresponding code in Selenium's scripting language. This makes it easy to create automated tests quickly and efficiently. Table of Contents 1. Introduction to Selenium IDE      1.1 What is Selenium IDE?      1.2 Benefits of Using Selenium IDE      1.3 Features of Selenium IDE      1.4 Difference between Selenium IDE and Webdriver      1.5 Getting Started with Selenium IDE 2. How Selenium IDE Works 3. Recording and Playing Back Test Cases      3.1 Recording Test Cases      3.2 Playing Back Test Cases      3.3 Managin