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Mobile IOS Automation Part 1 - Appium Configuration with MAC

In recent days I got the chance to work on a Mobile Automation assignment. I got enough time for hands-on. I didn't have much experience on mobile automation before. I thought of sharing installation steps for Appium on MAC. I pen down all the configuration details and sharing below, so others could take help from it:                                                                                                                                                                                                                         MAC Configuration with Appium List of downloads:-1.Download Appium version 1.XX (.dmg) file      from Appium-master from latest android sdk.4.Install latest Xcode5.Update Android sdk witha)Latest API levelb)Android SDK Build tools, SDK tools and SDK platform-tools from toolsc)Google USB driver and Google Web-driver from extras.6.Download safari-launcher…

Selenium-TestNG: Set Dependency Among Test Methods

TestNG provides a way to manage method dependencies with annotation parameters. For this testNg provides 'DependsOnMethods' parameter for @Test annotation. If you have declared dependency of one method on second, then first of all second method will be executed and then after first method.  Below is the code snippet:

In above code, method SignIn() is dependent on OpenBrowser() and method LogOut() is dependent on SingIn and OpenBrowser methods. 
Below is the execution sequence of above code snippet: 1. OpenBrowser 2. SignIn 3. LogOut.
Output: This will execute first (Open Browser) This will execute second (SignIn) This will execute third (Log Out)

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