Selenium-TestNG: Set Execution Order Priority of Test Methods

TestNG also provides a way to set the priority of test cases. By priority I mean, priority of execution. It can be used with @Test annotation. Below is the syntax for it:


In below code example,
  • We have four test methods 
  • And we have set the priority of each method as 0,1,2,3 
  • The method which has 0 priority will be executed first 
  • Then method with priority 1 will be executed and so on 
So, this how TestNG gives us a very easy way to control the execution of our test methods/cases.


import org.testng.annotations.Test;

public class TestngPriority {
  public void one() {
   System.out.println("This is test case 1");
  public void two() {
   System.out.println("This is test case 2");
  public void three() {
   System.out.println("This is test case 3");
  public void four() {
   System.out.println("This is test case 4");

This is test case 1
This is test case 2
This is test case 3
This is test case 4

Happy Learning!

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