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Top Mobile Test Automation Tools for Efficient App Testing: Features and Cons

There are multiple mobile testing tools in the market. We have cherry-picked the best three automation testing tools for mobile apps.   After 2020, gross spending for consumer mobile apps in the US surmounted to more than 140 billion dollars. With remote working becoming the new normal, this number will only go up. Ensuring that these apps work perfectly has now become paramount. Mobile app testing ensures that the apps work seamlessly, making sure that the users have the best experience while operating them.     Mobile app testing has changed a lot after the advent of automation. Automation allows users to create a CI/CD pipeline for faster deployment. This process is made easier with the help of mobile automation testing tools.   Automation tools allow you to create tests expediently and efficiently. There are multiple automation tools in the market for mobile app testing. Choosing the right one can become a burdensome task.   Important Features of an Automation Tes

What Role Graphic Design Services Play in Marketing

Graphic design plays an essential part in today's marketing landscape and can provide an advantage for businesses. If you believe that graphic design is about images or drawings, then you're not right. Instead, it's about visuals proficient in solving problems using images. The vast majority of digital experts widely accept it as being one of the most important aspects of digital marketing because it helps marketers increase brand recognition and affect the decision-making process for their clients. In general, it is a representation of typography, symbols, colours, images, and symbols that contribute to the overall aesthetics of the communicated message. It is based on certain rules, trends, and concepts derived from a target audience's psychology studies. Get your work done by professional graphic design services 2022 .  Improve User Experience By in-Corporating Graphics In everything from brand identity to marketing via digital, any business can use graphic designs t

Why Are Companies Choosing Kotlin For Their App Development?

Photo by The Average Tech Guy on Unsplash Kotlin is now the official programming language for Android app development. Since it replaced Java as a better alternative, developers building Android mobile apps now mostly prefer using it. This is not enough said since many app developers still are in doubt about embracing Kotlin instead of Java.  Understanding Kotlin & its key capabilities  Kotlin is a general-purpose programming language with the typical ability to compile code with the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) code. Developed by JetBrains and launched by Google as the official language for Android in 2016, Kotlin offers the safest, most concise, and error-free way to write code for Android apps. No wonder, for any Android app development company, Kotlin remains the primary skill set to keep going and delivering work for their clients.  Some of the key features and attributes that made Kotlin famous include the following.  Interoperability with Java Android Studio IDE support E

How to Solve Easily the Reader-Writer Locks in Golang

Reader-writer locks are one of the most intriguing topics in Golang. Golang web app development requires extensive use of goroutines and channels, which support concurrency. And this is where locks, or as we will learn reader-writer locks come in handy.  What is the Concept of Locks in Golang? The notion of locks is not only restricted to Golang, but it can be applied in a plethora of  ing languages. Locks, which prevent access to sensitive data, may cause additional overheads in complex applications. Then it has to be optimized by developers. Reader-writer locks are one of the most popular techniques to optimize it. Developers who are new to the concept of locks use Golang to comprehend the idea. This is because Golang has a great reader-writer lock implementation and concurrency support.  What is the Requirement of Reader-Writer Locks? As long as no one modifies the shared data while it is being read, several threads can access it concurrently. You should know that reader-writer lo