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Mastering REST API Testing with Postman: A Comprehensive Tutorial for Effective API Testing

Table of Contents 1. REST API Testing with Postman 1.1. Why Postman tool? 1.2. Install native Postman Application 2. Getting Started with Postman 2.1. What is HTTP? 2.2. Most common HTTP methods: 2.4. How to Test GET Requests 2.5. How to Test POST Requests 2.6. How to Test PUT, PATCH, DELETE 3. REST API Automation Testing using Postman 3.1. Automate the Login API through Postman 1. REST API Testing with Postman Reliable API calls are critical to any decoupled application. Whether it is a simple configuration change to an entity or updating the Drupal core, both of them can alter the API response and lead to application-breaking changes on the front end. An API test suite can watch out for these API-breaking changes by running a slew of tests against your endpoint. And when you need to create an API test suite, Postman delivers. 1.1. Why Postman tool? Postman is a simple GUI for sending HTTP requests and viewing responses. It is built upon an extensive set of power