Assignment 5: Automate "Buy Product" Functionality for E-commerce Website using Selenium

Assignment 5: Automate Buy Product Functionality for dummy E-Commerce Website

Automation Level - Expert

Steps to Automate:

2. Login to the website.

3. Move your cursor over Women's link.

4. Click on sub menu 'T-shirts'.

5. Mouse hover on the second product displayed.

6. 'More' button will be displayed, click on 'More' button.

7. Increase quantity to 2.

8. Select size 'L'

9. Select color.

10. Click 'Add to Cart' button.

11. Click 'Proceed to checkout' button.

12. Complete the buy order process till payment.

13. Make sure that Product is ordered.

If you find it difficult to automate above steps, then follow the reference link.

Reference Links for Solution:

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  1. Please send me Selenium Script of all Assignments.
    At my mail ID


  2. Hi, Could you please tell me how to switch to alerts or windows in this assignment. After "Add To Cart", there is a window pop-up/alert/frame in which we have to click on "Proceed to Checkout". Unable to switch windows here. Please help.


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