Demo Web Table in Selenium Webdriver for Practice

Below is a demo web table for practice Selenium Automation purpose. There are some practice assignments provided below this table. You can go through the assignments and automate.

Total4 buildings
Burj KhalifaUAEDubai829m20101
Clock Tower HotelSaudi ArabiaMecca601m20122
Taipei 101TaiwanTaipei509m20043
Financial CenterChinaShanghai492m20084

Assignment 1: Verify that there are only 4 structure values present.
  1. Read the 'Structure' column and find out the total number of structures present.
  2. Read the value of 'Total' column and match with the previous step.
Solution Hint:
  • Use list to store the structure values.
  • Find the length of the list  and match with the expected value.

Assignment 2: Read All the Values from the table row-wise and print them all

Solution Hint:
  • Use for loop to read all the values of the table.

Assignment 3: Verify that Burj Khalifa has a height of 829m (similar for other structures)

Assignment 4: Verify that 6th row (Last Row) has only two columns.

Refer this post for coding solution of these assignments - How to read table data with Selenium Webdriver

If you are able to write code for all the assignments, then share your code in the comments section. Your code will be include in this post. 

Happy Learning!

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