Demo Web Table for Selenium Automation Practice

Demo Table 1

This table has 7 rows and 3 columns. So, the distribution of rows and columns even. We can assume this table as static table. This table is easy to automate. 

Practice Exercise with solution code - Automate reading data from static web table with Selenium

GoogleMaria AndersGermany
MetaFrancisco ChangMexico
MicrosoftRoland MendelAustria
Island TradingHelen BennettUK
AdobeYoshi TannamuriCanada
AmazonGiovanni RovelliItaly

Demo Table 2

This table has un-even distribution of rows and columns, like last row has two columns only, but the other rows have 7 columns each. So, let's assume it as a dynamic table. This table is tougher task.

Practice Exercise with Solution Code - How to Handle Dynamic Web Table in  Selenium Webdriver

Total4 buildings
Burj KhalifaUAEDubai829m20101
Clock Tower HotelSaudi ArabiaMecca601m20122
Taipei 101TaiwanTaipei509m20043
Financial CenterChinaShanghai492m20084

Selenium Practice Exercises for Demo Table 2 - 

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