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Selenium IDE Sample Script With Most Commonly Used Commands

In this post, I've tried to cover the most common actions that a QA performed so often while Web testing. General actions are: type, click on links, select dropdown option, multi-select, checking radio buttons and check boxes, uploading files and clicking on buttons, moving backward and scrolling. Above mentioned actions cover 90% of our testing. And it's fortunate to have Selenium IDE supports all these actions.

Here is a description of the most commonly used commands for Selenium IDE:

CommandsDescription openTo open URLsetTimeoutSetting Timeout LimitwindowMaximizeFor Window MaximizingstoreStoring value in variableechoTo print/log custom messages in consoleclickAndWaitClicking on linkgoBackAndWaitTo navigate backwardstypeTo enter values in a text fieldstoreEvalExecuting Javascript / Scroll clickChecking Radio Button / Check boxselectTo Select dropdown option