10+ Most important Selenium Webdriver coding interview Q&A

In this post I have made a list of most important coding questions for Selenium Webdriver. It includes the implementation of some of the very important and advanced Selenium Webdriver scenarios. These scenarios are very important with respect to Selenium interviews also. I have planned to include more advanced scenarios in this post in future.

Each scenario has a web link which would land you to the explanation and example of that particular scenario.

Below are some of the advanced Selenium Webdriver real time implementations  which are quite important with respect to interviews:

  1. How to handle Alerts or Pop-Ups using Selenium Webdriver
  2. Handling Multiple Browser Tabs Using Selenium Webdriver and Java
  3. Code Resuablity & Maintainablility Using Action Methods in Selenium Webdriver
  4. How To Handle Dynamic Web Table In Selenium WebDriver
  5. How To Extract Table Data/Read Table Data Using Selenium WebDriver and Java
  6. How To Take Partial Screenshot in Selenium Webdriver using Java
Upcoming Posts:
  1. How to handle Windows alerts using Selenium Webdriver
  2. How to get all links from a web page using Selenium Webdriver
  3. How to scroll up/down using Selenium Webdriver
  4. How to do Mouse hover using Selenium Webdriver
  5. How to take screenshot using Selenium Webdriver

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