Which has a better career prospect - Selenium with Java or Python?

Don’t ever rely on just one language, be proficient in multiple languages for successful career.
Being from automation background and have worked with both java and python in combo with Selenium, so I try to give you a better idea.
To start with you can go with any of the two languages you mentioned as both:
  1. Supports OOPS
  2. Both are popular - Among world’s top 3 popular languages.
  3. Syntax - Easy to learn for both.
  4. Performance- Python is slower than java in various implementations.
  5. Cross Platform - Both supports cross platform.
  6. Applications - Both are used for Web, gaming and Machine learning applications.
So, you can choose any one of the two on the basis of features.
But there are some other reasons to consider before taking any decision.
Other Reasons:
  1. As opportunities for Selenium with Java is higher in the market as compared to Selenium with Python.
  2. You can verify the fact by searching with keywords like ‘Selenium with Java’ and ‘Selenium with Python’ in any job portal.
  3. Large support is available for Java online, as most of the professionals are using Selenium with Java.
  4. On the other hand for Python if you stuck at any point then it would be quite difficult to get help from online community.
If you become proficient with one of them, then you can learn the other language easily.
My Suggestion:
I suggests you to start with JAVA, it would be a better option as opportunities for Selenium with Java is higher in the market right now. Later you can learn Python.
Now, if you are considering to go for Selenium with Java, then I have good news for you.
I am going to help you here to make that study plan and also will share very useful blog posts links from where you can learn topics in the study plan.
I assume you must be aware of the features of Selenium Webdriver. If not I would recommend you to go through this article first: Features and Future of Selenium Webdriver
It will give you glimpse of Webdriver features along with it’s future in IT market.

That’s it! :)
For list of  Selenium tutorials click here: Selenium Webdriver Tutorials Series
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