Why is Python most popular to be used for hacking?

Say, you’re writing a buffer overflow exploit, and you have figured out that you need 1337 bytes of padding. What are your options?
  1. Type them by hand. This will be annoying and error-prone (how sure are you that you hit the “A” key exactly 1337 times? because one more or one less will ruin the exploit).
  2. Write a C program to generate them - with a loop and a counter. This will be less annoying and less error prone.
  3. Write a Python program to generate them. There it’s just "A" * 1337, done.
But it gets even better! How did you find this vulnerability? Python is the plug-in language of the Immunity debugger. And how do you intend to deploy the exploit? Python has networking libraries. And HTML parsing libraries and what not.
It’s a high-level, easy-to-use Swiss army knife.

Guest Author

Vladislav Zorov

programming enthusiast.
Lives in Bulgaria


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