Pro Level - Selenium Automation Interview Questions 1

Selenium Automation Interview Questions for 3+ years of experience.

1. Webdriver architecture
2. Arrylist vs linked list
3. Dependencies vs plugins.
4. List of plugins
5. What is the use of Maven compiler plugin?
6. Design patterns
7. Maven commands
8. Git commands
9. Fetch vs Pull differences in Git
10. Print fibonacci series.
11. Print prime numbers
12. Broken images in selenium.
13. How to declare webdriverwait
14. Can we create abstract constructor
15. Exception handling
16. Java 1.7 VS 1.8
17. Your current Framework draw backs
18. Current framework components
19. Oops concepts
20. What is interface
21. What is Thread
22. Difference between Abstract class and interface

You can answer the questions in comments to help others. We will showcase the best answers on our website with user's name.

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