Assignment 1: Automate Browser Actions - Launch Browser, maximize window, validate title & close browser

Automate using Browser Selenium Commands - Launch browser, maximize, validate page title and close browser. It should be your first webdriver script.

Assignment Level - Beginner

Steps to Automate:

1. Open this link -

2. Launch Firefox browser. (You can choose browser of your choice).

3. Maximize or set size of browser window.

4. Get Title of page and validate it with expected value.

5. Get URL of current page and validate it with expected value.

6. Get Page source of web page.

7. And Validate that page title is present in page source.

8. Close browser.

Try writing program for these steps and execute. You can refer following link for help.

Reference link for Solution:

Refer Selenium Webdriver Tutorials Series

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  1. Hello sir,
    In above assignment mentioned the validat the title...then can we use here soft assert?
    If no then when we use soft in code..pls explt me


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