Automate Practice Form using Selenium Webdriver

Automate a demo About Me form. Form contains all the basic web elements so it will cover all basic webdriver commands.
Steps to automate:
  1. Open this link -
  2. Enter first and last name (textbox).
  3. Select gender (radio button).
  4. Select years of experience (radio button).
  5. Enter date.
  6. Select Profession (Checkbox).
  7. Select Automation tools you are familiar with (multiple checkboxes).
  8. Select Continent (Select box).
  9. Select multiple commands from a multi select box.
  10. If you can handle Upload image then try it or leave this step.
  11. Click on Download file link and handle the download file pop-up (leave it if you are beginner).
  12. Click on Submit button.
Try your own logic and automate it without any help. If you still find it difficult to automate then follow reference links. 

Reference Links for Solution:

Assignment 2- Automate Menu Links << Previous | Next  >> Assignment 4- Automate Google Search

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