Java Constructors

 Constructor in Java

In java a constructor is called a special method. It is used to create objects in java. A constructor is called whenever we initialize an object. It has some special features:

  • It has same name as that of a class.
  • It does not have any return type.
  • It's syntax is similar to method.
  • A java constructor cannot be static, final or abstract.
  • A class always have a default constructor whether you have declared it or not. But if you define a custom constructor then default constructor is no longer in use.
There are two types of constructors in Java:
  • No-Parameterized Constructor (Default Constructor)
  • Parameterized Constructor
No-Parameterised Constructor
As the name suggests, this constructor doesn't have any parameter in it's signature.

Syntax for Default Constructor:

public class MyClass{  
	// Creating a default constructor  
		System.out.println("Object created");

	// Main method  
	public static void main(String args[]){  
		//Calling a default constructor  or Creating an object of MyClass
		MyClass obj = new MyClass();  

Explanation of example code:

  • We have created a default constructor "My Class", which will print "Object created" whenever we create an object.
  • In main method, we are calling the constructor to initialize our object named "obj".
Object Created

Parameterized Constructor:
It's a constructor which accepts parameters. It can have one or more parameters. It is used to provide different values to different objects.

Syntax for Parameterized Constructor:

public class MyClass {

  // Declare variable
  int num;

  // Parameterized Constructor
  public MyClass(int y) {
    num = y;

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    // Call the parameterized constructor and pass parameter 5
    MyClass myObj = new MyClass(5);
    // Print num

Explanation of the example code:
  • We declared a variable num.
  • Declared a parameterized constructor with parameter int y.
  • Inside constructor we are initialising num's value to y.
  • In main method, we are calling parameterized constructor and passing value 5 to y. It will initialize num to 5 inside the parameterized constructor.
  • Now the value of the num is set to 5 and it'll print 5.

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