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Python Behave Tutorial: A Comprehensive Guide to Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

In this tutorial, we'll explain each and every aspect of Behavior Driven Development. This BDD Python tutorial will help you create and design your automation tests and framework. Table of Content 1. What is BDD? 2. What is Gherkin Language in BDD? 3. What is Behave in Python? 4. Installing and Setup Behave 5. Project Structure for Behave Python (BDD) 6. Feature Files, Step Functions and Other Files in Behave Feature File Step Functions Step Parameters Passing String Param from Feature File Passing Integer Param from Feature File file behave.ini file 7. Run Feature files in Behave Run a single feature file Run multiple feature files Generate JUNIT xml reports with behave Run feature files with Python suite file Upcoming Tutorials: 8. API Automation Testing with BDD Python (Behave) 9. Selenium Automation with BDD Python (Behave) 1. What is BDD? BDD stands for Behavior Driven Development. BDD is an agile process of development. It encourages non-technical or business t