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Top 7 Web Development Trends in the Market

  Technology continues to advance as humans discover new methods to innovate, doing tasks quicker and more creatively than before. Developers are continuously on the lookout for new technologies that will help them move forward towards a better future.  The contemporary industry is constantly evolving, and new online technologies emerge daily. Entrepreneurs that want to interact with more consumers and stay ahead in this competitive industry may take advantage of these new trends. There aren't many industries that have as much innovation as bespoke web development. Hire WordPress developer to help entrepreneurs interact with more consumers and stay ahead. Websites, without a question, play an important part in today's commercial environment. A WordPress design agency will build you a website that functions as a separate brand, organization, and individual. Doing business on a worldwide scale has become conceivable and attainable as firms and enterprises have transcended all bou

Test-aliens are here on Earth, Go slow developers!

 Why should a company have a team for Software Testing and Quality Assurance? What is the need to test a software? Why shouldn't developers test their own work? When I started my career around two years back I encountered above listed queries. At that time I had no reply to these queries. But after dwelling around two years in IT sector I come along with some firm replies. All above listed questions are inter-belonging and the highlighted one was recently posted in a programmer's Q&A post, it inevitably raised my curious eyebrow. This can be a big debate. Diving straight to the point, the simple, unmistakable and well known answer is : “Developers are not very good testers.” But according to my understanding correct answer is, - “They don't want to see bugs in their code and only look for happy paths and and happy endings.” Believe me I was a developer in the past and then I moved to QA to avoid QA on my code, now I'm coding Automated Selenium Scrip

How I learned Selenium WebDriver in just 4 weeks

You can learn Selenium WebDriver yourself in just 1 month, yes you read it right! If you want above statement to work for you, then you would have to come up with a proper study plan and follow it with discipline. Discipline is the key here. Let me help you to make that study plan and also will share very useful blog posts links for the same, later in this post. Table of Content 1. My Story of becoming Selenium Professional 2. My Experiments with Selenium 3. Future of Selenium Automation Testing 4. Which language has a better career prospect with Selenium - Java or Python? 5. The 4 Weeks Plan to Learn Selenium WebDriver 6. What next after being Selenium expert? 1. My Story of becoming a Selenium Automation Professional I started my career way back in 2011 as a Manual Software Tester. I had interest in Java but didn't have much practical knowledge of it. I started learning Java slowly. It took some time to get some good  knowledge on Java. Then in 2012 I switched my first c

TECHLISTIC is rated "Top 10 Selenium Automation Blogs" by Feedspot

We are excited to spread the word that has been awarded as Top Selenium Blogs  by Feedspot. We at Techlistic always serves you with best tech tutorials, blogs, practice exercises, interview material and many more. Feedspot has analysed Techlistic's Selenium Tutorial Series and find it in-depth and easy to understand. Our Selenium Tutorial is consists of all Selenium Commands, Example Programs, Demo Website link, Practice Exercises and TestNG Integration. This award has boost our confidence and we are more committed to deliver tutorials on Advanced Technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain and latest Automation tools in the coming time. Stay Tuned! If you are enjoying our tutorials then please share it with your friends, colleagues etc. I would like to specially thank all our viewers for supporting us! You can follow us on different social platforms to get updates on latest tutorials and posts.

Boost Your Career: Top 10 Job Search and Skill-Enhancing Websites for Success

In today's digital age, there is a plethora of online resources available to help professionals enhance their skills, boost their careers, and find new job opportunities. However, with so many options, it can be challenging to know where to begin. To help you navigate the vast world of career resources, we've compiled a list of the top ten skill-enhancing, career-boosting, and job search websites. Let's start with top skill-enhancing websites which can help professionals continuously improve their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends. Luckily, there are numerous online resources available that offer skill-enhancing courses and resources. Top Skill-Enhancing Websites for Professionals 1. LinkedIn Learning LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that provides access to over 16,000 courses on a range of topics, including business, technology, and creative skills. Users can choose from courses taught by industry experts and professionals, and ea