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Cypress Automation Tutorial: Streamline Your Web Automation Testing

  Why you should switch to Cypress for modern web testing? “I think you’ll agree with me when I say…Test your code not your patience” So, What I mean with the above line is that we are in an era where the web is evolving extremely with the deployment of  angular.js ,  react.js ,  Vue.js  and  p5.js  based web applications. These modern web applications are responsive, communicative(using chatbots) and built on top of material design. We as software automation engineers are traditionally following the approach that has been started a decade ago. Yes, you got it right! I am talking about  selenium  here. Also, ten years back web wasn’t the same as it is today. Since then web has evolved much, hence the testing should too! Testing is one of the critical processes in application development. The success or failure of the application entirely depends on it. However, website testing is totally different from conventional software testing. Following are some factors that could be a big hurdle