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Web Automation Simplified By Virtual Ninja (Robot Framework)

Talk of the town! Automation is the latest trend. Many Managers are chasing good-quality automation guys to set up an automation suite for their project. But to pick the right match of language and automation tool is the biggest defiance for them. Have undergone circs when projects failed by choosing wrong tools and technology. Question arising, what factors should be pondered while making the choice for the automation tool? Some managers look towards clients for the answer, but to me this is not a handy approach at all. How can a person, who is not a techie can counsel you on this puzzle? Manager should be aware of his team's skillset and capabilities well. If team members are more into manual and they don't have a smashing command over technical language then Robot Framework can be a best-fit for his team. Being an Automation freak, I used to look-around for the several automation tools available in the tech-space. I am fond of learning new technologies and the new stuff. And