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Which has better career opportunities, Selenium WebDriver or QTP?

Selenium or QTP? I come across this question every single time I face automation newbie. Before jumping into any solution, I would ask you to go through the following features of both automation tools : QTP: It is licensed tool. You have to pay to use it. It supports both Web and Desktop automation. It doesn't require much coding skills. It supports VB script only as automation language. It only supports Windows platform. It supports limited browsers and their versions. You can’t integrate other automation tools with it like Sikuli, AutoIT etc. Selenium (WebDriver): Selenium is free of cost. Selenium only supports Web automation. Selenium requires coding skills. Selenium supports many languages like Java, Python, PHP, C#, Ruby, Perl etc. Selenium supports all platforms, Windows, Linux, Mac. Selenium supports almost every browser like Chrome, FF, Safari, Opera, IE and their versions. It gives the flexibility to integrate Java or Python modules, other automatio