17 Best Demo Websites for Automation Testing Practice

We need demo websites for various purposes, like learning new tools and for automation testing practice. In this post, we cherry-picked some of the best websites to practice Selenium automation testing. This set of demo websites would help you to enhance your automation skills.  This post can help various people like,  Automation Testing learners, Experienced professionals, and even Automation Testing tutors/teachers. They all can benefit from these demo websites. Table of Contents 1. Techlistic Automation Practice Form 2. Amazon like Demo E-Commerce Website 3. Make My Trip like Travel Portal 4. Demo Automation Practice Web Table 5. 6. Demo Website for Handling Alerts 7. Way2Automation Demo 8. NewTours DemoAUT 9. The Demo Site 10. DemoQA 11. Para Bank 12. Orange HRM 13. Sauce Labs Demo E-Commerce Site 14. Demo Bank Demo Websites for API Automation Testing Practice 15. Restful Booker 16. Pet Store 17. Demo REST API Best Demo Websites for Automation Practice Let's take

Mastering Selenium WebDriver: 25+ Essential Commands for Effective Web Testing

In this tutorial, you will learn about the most important Selenium WebDriver Commands which would be the backbone of your GUI automation scripts.  We have divided the commands in to different categories so that you can learn Selenium commands without difficulty. This Selenium Commands tutorial has explained you all the commands with Code examples and sample Selenium programs for better understanding. Table of Content 1. Selenium Browser Commands 2. Get Commands 3. Navigation Commands 4. Web Element Commands 5. Select Dropdown Commands 1. Selenium Browser Commands Browser commands are the starting point of your Selenium WebDriver script. These commands used to launch browser, maximize it, open URL to be tested and other navigation commands. i. Set Path of browser/driver executable: It is the starting point of the WebDriver script.  You have to download the browser executable file for the browser and make sure it is compatible with the version of your browser. For example, for fir

Automation Practice: Automate Amazon like E-Commerce Website with Selenium

In this post, you will learn to automate different functionalities of an e-commerce website. To automate this practice assignment,  you should have sound knowledge of all the Selenium concepts. We'll create a test plan and then automate an e-commerce website that is quite similar to Automate Amazon-like e-Comm website with Selenium for Automation Practice Table of Content 1. What should you know before starting this Project assignment? 2. Which functionalities will we automate in this Project assignment? 3. Create Test Plan for Amazon like e-commerce website 4. Automate Amazon like e-commerce website: Automate User Registration and Login of e-commerce website Automate Search feature of e-commerce website Automate "Buy Product" feature of e-Commerce website 1. What should you know before automating this automation assignment? You should know the following topics, before starting this project assignment: Software Testing Concept