14 Best Selenium Practice Exercises for Automation Practice

This page contains the list of Selenium Program exercises for automation practice. Your skills will definitely get a boost after solving these Selenium Practice Assignments. In these assignments, you will find the Sample Applications for Automation Testing.

These Practice Assignments are designed in such a way that learners can enhance their automation skills. They also include multiple Sample Test Cases for Selenium along with step-by-step description which needs to be automated. 

Reference links to Selenium WebDriver Commands for solutions are provided in the assignments.

10 Best Selenium Practice Exercises for Automation Practice

In this self-learning project assignment, we'll automate all the major e-commerce website features with Selenium and Java. We'll automate Sign-up and login, search products, and purchase products for Amazon an e-commerce website.

Automate Browser actions on GoDaddy.com and Menu Links of Amazon.com. And Validate Page Titles to verify that when clicking on menu links then users are landing on the correct pages.

This assignment explains how one can get all the links on a webpage or website and verify that which links are broken or not working using Selenium. It includes the coding logic to fetch all the web links present on a webpage and then iterate over those links.

In this self-learning assignment, we'll automate the search bar on the pypi.org website with Selenium Python. We'll search the keyword "Selenium".

Automate all the web form elements which are mostly present on a web page like, text buttons, radio boxes, checkboxes, date pickers, select boxes, upload file buttons, and download links. This would help you test your Selenium basic commands knowledge.

Automate Google.com with Selenium WebDriver

Automate Google search using the explicit wait command of Selenium WebDriver. This is somewhat advance level code where we'll handle Ajax calls using Selenium.

Automate User Registration for an e-commerce website using Selenium WebDriver. This assignment covers both negative and positive test cases and also contains an automation code for user registration.

In this self-learning assignment, we'll automate  Techlistic Automation Practice Form. In this form, we'll automate every form element like., the text box, radio button, select box, check box, button, etc.

Automate Upload or Download a file with Selenium. As we know, Selenium can't interact with window dialogs. But in this post, we'll learn how to handle window dialogs inside Selenium test scripts.

In this self-learning assignment, we'll automate an e-Commerce with Selenium Python. We'll automate the login, search product, add to cart and checkout flows.

Automate Buy Product functionality for an e-Commerce website using Selenium. This assignment, it is explained how to automate the complete end-to-end flow of purchasing a product. This is an advanced-level selenium assignment. It'll cover most of the basic and advanced Selenium commands.

This assignment describes to automate the handling of two browser tabs Google and Gmail in a single Selenium script with some code tricks. We'll use action class commands to automate this assignment.

In this assignment, you'll learn to handle web tables with Selenium. It's quite a tricky task to automate web tables as there are no direct commands in Selenium for this. But this assignment will teach you the tricks to read table data.

We already know handling a web table is already a tricky thing in Selenium. But handling dynamic web tables is more tricky. This assignment, it's thoroughly explained how one can automate dynamic web tables by creating dynamic XPATHS at runtime.

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