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Some Common Checks during UI Testing of Web Application

Common checks during UI testing of Web application Verify following scenarios:
1. Font styles - Font size, color, family 2. CSS properties of an element 3. Images if they are not breaking 4. Elements are not breaking or distorted on different browsers and screen resolutions 5. Text for labels is clearly readable 6. Error and validation messages are displaying correctly 7. No spelling mistakes for field labels, any headings on the web pages 8. Links are visible and distinguished from other text 9. Social networking icons are rightly placed on sites 10. No broken links on the web page 11. No unnecessary blank space between the elements on web page 12. Horizontal and vertical scrollbars are appearing wherever necessary 13. Site logo is visible and clickable 14. Web elements are not overlapping anywhere on web page 15. Privacy policy links are readable and clickable 16. Elements in drop down are not overlapping with each other 17. Menu or sub menu that is selected remains highlighted 18…

Top 10 - Tech Skills, Career, Resume builder, Free Online Education & Interview Preparation Sites

*Top 10 Sites for your career:* 1. LinkedIN 2. Indeed 3. Careerealism 4. Job-Hunt 5. JobBait 6. Careercloud 7. GM4JH 8. Personalbrandingblog 9. Jibberjobber 10. Neighbors-helping-neighbors *Top 10 Tech Skills in demand in 2019:* 1. Machine Learning 2. Mobile Development 3. SEO/SEM Marketing 4. Data Visualization 5. Data Engineering 6. UI/UX Design 7. Cyber-security 8. Cloud Computing/AWS 9. Blockchain 10. IOT *Top 9 Sites for Free Online Education: 1. Coursera 2. edX 3. Khan Academy 4. Udemy 5. iTunesU Free Courses 6. MIT OpenCourseWare 7. Stanford Online 8. Codecademy 9. Open Culture Online Courses *Top 10 Sites to review your resume for free:* 1. Zety Resume Builder 2. Resumonk 3. Resume[com] 4. VisualCV 5. Cvmaker 6. ResumUP 7. Resume Genius 8. Resumebuilder 9. Resume Baking 10. Enhancv *Top 10 Sites for Interview Preparation:* 1. Ambitionbox 2. AceTheInterview 3. Geeksforgeeks 4. Leetcode 5. Gainlo 6. Careercup 7. Codercareer 8. InterviewUp 9. InterviewBest 10. Indiabix

*Top 1…

Selenium WebDriver Waits: Implicit, Explicit and Fluent Wait

In this post, you will learn about different waits in Selenium. Waits are required to tell Selenium to wait for a specific amount for elements on the web page before throwing "No Such Element Exception". There are three types waits in Selenium Webdriver, out of which first two are the most popular.
Implicit WaitExplicit WaitFluent Wait Implicit Wait Implicit wait is used to set a default wait time (say 30 secs) in your automation script to wait for an  element on the page. Key PointsImplicit wait should be declared in your setup method (at beginning lines of your code).Default wait time for Implicit wait is 0 secs.Once implicit wait is set, it is applicable for the whole automation script.In simple words, you can also say that implicit wait is the maximum time set between two steps/commands of the automation script.Webdriver throws "No Such Element Exception" if element is not found in specified time. Syntax: // Implicit wait - Set wait of 10 seconds driver.manage(…

Test-aliens are here on Earth, Go slow developers!

Why should a company have a team for Software Testing and Quality Assurance? What is the need to test a software?

Why shouldn't developers test their own work? When I started my career around two years back I encountered above listed queries. At that time I had no reply to these queries. But after dwelling around two years in IT sector I come along with some firm replies.

All above listed questions are inter-belonging and the highlighted one was recently posted in a programmer's Q&A post, it inevitably raised my curious eyebrow. This can be a big debate. Diving straight to the point, the simple, unmistakable and well known answer is : “Developers are not very good testers.”

But according to my understanding correct answer is, - “They don't want to see bugs in their code and only look for happy paths and and happy endings.” Believe me I was a developer in the past and then I moved to QA to avoid QA on my code, now I'm coding Automated Selenium Scripts and no one …

Top 10 Pro Level Selenium Automation Interview Questions 2

Selenium Automation Interview Questions for 4+ years of experience.

Q1 - How to navigate to 3rd window to 7th window in selenium?
Answer - Code example:

Case 1:
// Create a Set and store all window handle ids in it Set AllWindowHandles = driver.getWindowHandles(); String window1 = (String) AllWindowHandles.toArray()[0]; String window2 = (String) AllWindowHandles.toArray()[1]; // Switch to window with id 2 driver.switchTo().window(window2); Case 2 :/* Moving Between all Windows */for (String handle : driver.getWindowHandles()) { driver.switchTo().window(handle); }

Q2 - How to read the text of a cell in a dynamic web table?
Answer - We can read text from a dynamic web table by preparing dynamic xpath of table at runtime.
Read details - Handle Dynamic Table

Q3 - How to check the text is selected or not on page?

Q4 - How to handle ajax call in Selenium?
Answer - When we do Google search and a list of options matching to our keyword displayed on it's own without refreshing the page, …

Top 10 Most Widely Used Automation Testing Tools in 2019

In this swiftly changing world, technology and tools are changing rapidly. But still there are few tools which are in the market from so long and performing so well and are in my list. I am sharing my list  of top 10 automation testing tools with you.


Selenium automates browsers. That's it! What you do with that power is entirely up to you. Primarily, it is for automating web applications for testing purposes, but is certainly not limited to just that. Boring web-based administration tasks can (and should!) be automated as well.
Selenium is free of cost.Selenium only supports Web automation.Selenium requires coding skills.Selenium supports many languages like Java, Python, PHP, C#, Ruby, Perl etc.Selenium supports all platforms, Windows, Linux, Mac.Selenium supports almost every browser like Chrome, FF, Safari, Opera, IE and their versions.It gives the flexibility to integrate Java or Python modules, other automation tools like Cucumber, Sikuli, AutoI…

Automate 'Buy Product' from E-commerce Website using Selenium

In this assignment, you will learn to automate end-to-end Buy Product functionality of an e-commerce website. While automating this assignment, you will encounter many advanced Selenium Webdriver commands. That's why this assignment is rated as 'Expert' Level. We will cover multiple  scenarios in this assignment.

Automation Level - Expert

Test Case 1 - Automate End to End Buy Order functionality.

Steps to Automate: 1. Open link 2. Login to the website. 3. Move your cursor over Women's link. 4. Click on sub menu 'T-shirts'. 5. Mouse hover on the second product displayed. 6. 'More' button will be displayed, click on 'More' button. 7. Increase quantity to 2. 8. Select size 'L' 9. Select color. 10. Click 'Add to Cart' button. 11. Click 'Proceed to checkout' button. 12. Complete the buy order process till payment. 13. Make sure that Product is ordered.

If you find it difficult to automate …

Java Date Format Validation Using Regular Expressions

In this tutorial, you will learn to match date format using Regular Expressions in Java.

Regular Expression is a sequence of symbols and characters which define a search pattern, used for pattern matching with strings. Regular Expression is also known as regex. It is mainly used for finding or validating strings and also for replace string operations. It's a very handy and powerful tool which comes along in every programming language.

Java Program to check Date Format

package com.techlistic.javaprograms; classValidateDateFormat{ publicstaticvoidmain(String[] args) { // Pass Date Format validateDateFormat("15/12/2019"); } // Check the Date format to be MM/dd/yyyyprivatestaticbooleanvalidateDateFormat(String date){ // Store date format in String buffer StringBuffer sBuffer = new StringBuffer(date); String mon; String dd; String year; // Store the Date in String Buffer and Break down the date// 0,2 - Month// 3,5 - Date// 6,10 - Year mon = sBu…

How to Take Screenshot and Partial Screenshot in Selenium WebDriver

In this tutorial we will learn to take full screenshot and partial screenshot. In automation we capture the screenshots for reference. To capture screenshot in Selenium 'TakeScreenshot' interface is used.

Take Screenshot Command:
/************************************ * Capture Screenshot * ************************************ *//* Create object of File class of Java * And capture screenshot using getScreenshotAs() method of Webdriver * Set Output type of screenshot taken as 'File'*/File screenshot = ((TakesScreenshot)driver).getScreenshotAs(OutputType.FILE); /* Use FileUtils class of Java * Call it's copyFile method * Copy screenshot file to a location with some name and extension you want*/FileUtils.copyFile(screenshot,new File("D:\\screenshot.jpg"));

How to Take Partial Screenshot:

Sometimes we don't want to take screenshot of the full screen. Reasons might be, full size images would last in huge memory storage for image directory or…

Automate using Selenium Webdriver

In this post you will learn to automate Google Search using Selenium Webdriver with Java. This is a real time example of Explicit wait command. Google search is an ajax call. We will handle this ajax call using Explicit wait command of selenium Webdriver.

What is ajax?
Ajax stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XML. Ajax is a new technology for creating for faster and more interactive web applications. What ajax does is:
Update a web page without reloading/refresh itRead data from the server after the page is loaded Google search is a best example of ajax. In case of google search, you simply type keyboard in search bar and just below the search bar a suggestion box with matching suggestions appears instantly, this is ajax. We can handle ajax in Selenium webdriver with the use of Explicit Wait command. I have shared below the code for automating Google search. But I recommend to execute below test case manually first and then automate it.

Assignment - Print all the options displayed in…

Difference between Selenium IDE and Webdriver

First of all you should understand your automation needs and then only make a decision.
Let’s go through different variants of Selenium, this would make it easy for you to understand IDE and Webdriver.

1. Selenium IDE - It’s a record and play tool.Supports Firefox only: Comes as plugin with Firefox only, so not other browsers are supported.Coding is not required: if you want to automate using this tool. It will record your tests and generate html scripts for you.One can’t add coding logic in script: It can only be used for some very basic automation. As you cannot write your own logic or you won’t be able to put conditions or loops in your automation test script.No code re-usability: As we cannot create methods in ide scripts which are in html.Maintainabilityis quite high: Maintainence effort is quite high in IDE. If there are any changes in your application/software it would impact your automation scripts heavily.You can click on this link to see IDE sample script - Selenium IDE Sampl…